Education vs Talent

Educational System VS Talent…

talent vs Training

Let me state here, Education is good, infact very good but the kind of education is what determines a monotonous boring life or an inspired life that sets one apart. I am going to be driving home some very hard truth especially for Africa and Africans.

There is a certain believe that only Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers are the true profession and any other profession is second class or not worthy of a gentleman or lady. It is a sad reality we have had to live with and every parent seemed to hammer this in, in secondary school and conditioned every child into taking any of this three courses whether their brain capacity could handle it or not. It was so bad that parents sometimes paid just to get the required courses so much so the child was forced into something he was totally not interested in and ended up failing and called a failure.

I am here writing to correct that notion. Every single child is born with a gift, yes a gift that would come easily to him, his environment may or may not wake up that gift but it is there. People that come to his life or events may or may not awaken the gift on time but it is there, but as parents it is our duty to know the strengths of our children and ward and guide them in that line. I repeat not everyone would be doctors, not everyone would be lawyers, not everyone would own a company, not everyone would work a white-collar Job. But the Joy in knowing what you do is what you love, is what makes life meaningful and an individual standing out especially when hard work and commitment is also in place.

Now the kind of education we have mostly, tends to push us towards white-collar jobs, it doesn’t give us most times the liberty to think outside the box which is sad, because those that formulated this educational policies at its inception where those that thought outside the box before coming up with a formula for education which necessarily would not work for the general populace.

Now don’t get me wrong having a fundamental basic education is good, but it has to come to a certain level especially in Africa when trained counsellors sit with the child (this should be the work of the parents first and foremost if you ask me) and see the field he or she is great at, then channel their energy towards making the child great in that field even while getting a degree, Justin Bieber is an example of channelling a person’s gift, we also have Ben Carson whose mother helped channel is gift, we have Neymar Jnr whose dad made sure he harnessed his footballing skill properly. Zuckerberg took matters into his hands and channelled his gift rightly, so did Bill gates. Never kill a child’s dream all in the name of fulfilling your dream as parents. Never inhibit a child’s talent all because it seems like a unserious profession. Never stop a child from pursuing his dream because of money, poverty or ignorance. Instead listen to the child, watch him or her, study them and let them put in the work. Make sure the education is there but let them, I repeat let them pursue their dream, use their talent. If it is music, make sure they do it right and live right even with it, we still have the likes of Timi Dakolo, Cobhams Asuquo etc. If it is acting we still have very responsible actors available, the likes of Richard Mofe Damijo, the likes of Joke Da-silva and Olu Jacobs, the likes of Kunle Afolayan and Ikpe-Etim, If it is storytelling, Chimmamanda Adiche, Chinua Achibe and I come to mind. If it is programming and IT Zukerberg leads that line, there is also the Late Steve Jobs. If it is start-ups we have Tara Durotoye doing wonderfully well, Chiamaka and her socialprefect tour. If it is Banking we have Tony Elumelu just to mention a few this people have established themselves and distinguished themselves because they decided to follow what they are gifted at and find joy and enough passion in doing. It is never too late to follow your dreams or passion. Life is short, hey just do it, you don’t owe anybody but yourself. What is the point doing that Job if you are not happy, when you know you would be fulfilled being a Chef or taking pictures and creating memories through the frames like my brother and friend FemiMicheal or the joy and beauty you feel inside creating a new design out of a material like Justphemmy, Debiblaque and a whole lot of others. Or is it making people laugh that brings you joy like Basket Mouth.

talent edu

I could go on and on, but Africans it is time to break away from the norm. Education is good. An education in a field of your passion is even better infact there is just good and the best and the latter stands in the realm of the best. Don’t die discontented, unfulfilled and empty. Let your passion shine forth. Parents let your kids express their inner talents, the God-given talent and you would be grateful for it believe me.

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