Short Stories

Lagos Happening IV

Lagos Happening….

Baba Ijebu

It is your friendly street boy Obaz again, yes it has been a while ooo, I have missed you too. I kuku have a story for you people as usual and trust me I was minding my business when the story came to me nii ooo.

Firstly, let me address the issue of the flooding, biko it is a bad thing let us just pray for the victim because no one knows tomorrow ooo!!! So let us not laugh at them ooo!!! But Gbemi warn yourself ooo, I will leave it at that. Even the mainland was not spared, Ojoro cancel lol.

Now to my story. So after work one day, I was stuck in traffic and I had been in several before getting to this traffic, I was tired of the music and radio, I was tired of pressing my phone, I just wanted to be on my bed and sleep for three days, like that was ever going to happen in this Lagos. While I day dreamed, my eyes was on the lookout, the popular saying “shine your eyes” in Lagos still held true. So I was on the lookout, since I did not have AC in my car and the weather was enough to fry egg in. So I kept watching and looking around for something to amuse me as the engine of the car kept groaning, requesting for rest just like me but we were in it together no turning back (like we even had a chance to turn back to start with lol).

While I kept looking the most amazing thing happened, so I saw this guy begging for alms pleading his case, and I was moved because he really knew how to present his case. The man driving two cars ahead of me actually gave him money and I was glad because I knew if he approached me shi shi(money) I did not have on me lol. All of a sudden he crossed to the other side and I saw him go to one of the kiosk where people bet, they called it Baba Ijebu. At first I wondered, what a beggar was looking for around there. Maybe he saw someone who would give him money, maybe someone that won or something. So I kept on looking, then he looked right and left and then went ahead to purchase a ticket, and I said to myself “Ok… I am not understanding this movie unfolding right in front of my eyes lol”. He got the ticket and went to the street light to check the numbers or so, I really don’t know how this things are done. But it dawned on me. So Mr beggar would probably ask his God for mercy in the eyes of those he begged from, not to eat, only for him to ask again for luck (because that cannot be mercy again) to win the bet and if he actually does not win the bet, he is back to square one, begging again to get enough to bet, hoping that one day he finds a break through and maybe he would never win and the circle continues and maybe he would win and then squander it like some stories I have heard about a man who carries dirt around, mother luck shined on him and he won the sum of N200,000 only for him to squander it within two days buying drinks for those that hailed him and sang song of his all-conquering feat in sarcasm might I add because it was all about the money. It was a record, two days and within a week he was back pushing dirt and looking like he never won anything to start with, the vicious circle also continued because he was back betting again.

I ended my thought process with this, if all of us were given 10 million to start over on a plain equal footing… Most of the rich (now I mean those that actually worked for their money legally not yahoo yahoo boys, scammers, thieves etc) would be richer and the poor would squander theirs, and there would probably only be a few that would make it from the middle class to the rich and some from that same middle class would go under, why is this so? MENTALITY… Our mentality and ability to pursue our dreams and goals, take setbacks on the chin and push on or pack up and go home, garner knowledge by reading extensively about something to say a few would determine which category we fall into.

The horn from the back, woke me from dreamland, and I lowered my glass and shouted out “why so angry” before I zoomed off, I had a smirk on my face cause I knew I just made him even angrier.

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