What is your WHY???


What is your big why? Why do you get out of bed in the morning, go to work, and do what you do? What motivates you, gets you going and keeps you going? Why do you wear what wear in the morning, eat what you do and talk to those you do and don’t do?

Life seems complex when we over think it, but the truth is, we are here to connect, yes! We are here to connect with one another and create memories that live after us. It is about People, it is about improving lives better than how we met it, which is what the ideal life should be about. Three things connect us; LOVE, TIME and DEATH. It connects every single human on earth. Everything we covet, everything we fear not having, and everything we work for and dream about points to longing for love, wishing we had more time and fearing death.

Time is a gift, it doesn’t promise a hundred years or twenty but every second should be utilized as a true gift. Enjoy it, live it, love it, utilize it to the fullest and when all is said and done and your time is up, leave the world a better place having used up all your talent for the greater good and giving the whole of you in love. Let that timed period leave a timeless memory never to be forgotten, passed down from generation, talked about for good, leaving a legacy so timeless, so worthy and so true.

Death; it reminds us of how limited time we have. It is a guarantee, not to be feared but to strengthen, to give courage that time is short, so pursue your dreams, do something awesome every day, connect to a life. Tomorrow is never promised but live life to the fullest in today and find fulfillment and the only real fulfillment is putting a genuine smile on someone’s face, someone who probably cannot return the favor, but the genuine gratitude in those eyes makes even time stop for a second to marvel at such priceless gift.

Love is in everything, Love is life, love is in that smile, it is in that tear, love is in the pain and it is in the joy. Love is in the suffering and it is in the sacrifice. It is in the selflessness and it is in the kindness. It is a decision regardless to do what is good and to share it with all either deserving or not.

Why are you here? Take a time out to reflect, we all want to make the money, have the fame but it is just an illusion, the real joy comes in connecting with family, impacting in life, doing the act of kindness, smiling at a joke, having fun, meeting people, not being judgmental. In the end nothing is ever really dead if you look at it right. To all those who have lost a loved one because time was too short and death came to collect, do your part in honoring their memories by being a better version of you. To those who have family around, not just say you love them but show them just how much. Sit with them, eat with them, tell tales that would last into the night. Stop existing and going through life, start living. Have a wonderful gift of time expressed in love and when your time is done look back with a smile knowing you have touched more lives than acquired perishable things.

This write-up was inspired by the movie “Collateral Beauty” and the song “Let’s hurt tonight” by One Republic is on repeat.

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