What is Life’s Worth..

Linkin Park

It is probably no longer news that Linkin Park’s vocal leader Chester Bennington has passed on. It was shocking and painful to say the least when the news of his suicide trickled in. It is saddening because Linkin Park where the first rock Band I ever listened to after pressure from my close friends back in University to try out rock songs, yes I am a blues/RnB person and I don’t apologise for it but Linkin Park dazzled me and won me over, Numb ft Jay Z was the pinnacle of their music to me not disregarding their other songs. So you can imagine hearing that the man with the beast of a voice as Rihanna described him taking his own life.

The group has been on hiatus for a long time and we were hoping for a comeback but I guess that would not be happening sadly. So reflecting on this news it got me thinking He was rich, famous and probably had all the things an average person wants, but it still didn’t bring fulfilment. Is it that the wealth, fame and all doesn’t equal happiness? Dont get me wrong depression is real and all.

Well with this turn of event it means it is a firm Yes!!! The world grieves over a legend in the rock game but my message is that of a grateful and thankful heart. It is time to stop looking at what you have not accomplished and start being grateful for life. Look at Buhari the president of the most populous African country could not stop sickness even with limitless funds, John McCain also is battling with Cancer with all the established healthcare system in America, I don’t say this to spite them in any way but to inform you that it is time to take a minute and just be grateful for life, for health, for family, for a job to go to, for the free air you breathe in, for the legs you walk with, for the eyes you use to read this. Bradley the little boy from the UK never asked for a short life but even with his medical condition he was all smiles the little time he spent with us. We all need to be grateful, there is something to be grateful for so far you are here on earth, look out for the positives in Life no matter how negative the world has become. Look out for the positives in people and situations even with all the negativity around. Let us take a minute to remember those wonderful people who have passed on, and with this memory let us spread a little positivity into the world. Let us leave the world a little better than we met it. Have a wonderful weekend.

RIP Chester RIP Bradley #LinkinPark #Bradley.

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  1. guess wealth does not bring fulfilment after all… sad ting. regular people want to be rich but forget that there is more to life than having all the money in the world… case in point Robin Williams… RIP. strive for happiness and fulfilment and in the process money will come


  2. The question I asked myself when I got to know about his it was do this people listen to the content of their lyrics. How do you help others suffering from depression but suffer the same and end up in such manner. Chester was a path finder but lost his path, very sad suicide is never a solution to be consider. Nice piece Tobi


    • You said it all it is never the answer or the way, if you are feeling depressed, take a trip to Africa and visit the poor, live in their conditions for a week and then donate to change their life, see if this would not spur you back to health and gratefulness or if you would not remain thankful and have a reason to live. It is sad…. T21


  3. lord I wish for a world devoid of sadness and grieve. if you have ever been depressed it encompasses a whole lot of internal issues, of course help be external effects.
    I’ve also said there’s a thin line anxiety and depression. we need to start getting concerned about our mental health. When depression hit, it truly hits hard. you need all the help u can get.


    • True that we need to start being concerned, but it starts also from what we allow in, what we think on continually, how we allow what people say affect the way we see life and live our lives. let us always think good of ourselves and see the positives in people. Having done all this let us remember it is our duty to help a person, don’t ever look down or be to busy to help, you might be saving a life.. T21


  4. Funny thing is there are a whole lot of people going through this back here. But we suppress it with religion and being a ‘man’. Nice piece, hope we take this as a lesson to phone a friend (in frank Edoho’s voice) just to reach out.


  5. Let us be positive, let us stop being played by what we see on TV or try to live by the false standard of show biz. Like it is said it is a show. Don’t get fooled. Find the positive in life and contentment in the little joys and victories.


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