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Thank you all for the personal messages sent to me on the different platforms regarding this topic, it is one that affects us one way or another and the general aim is to leave the world better than how we left it. Having said this I would beg you all to drop your comments in the blog so that it can encourage others, your point of view might just help someone else and that is the aim for sharing. So I got this particular message about bullying from a friend and I was moved and I asked for her permission to share which she gave. Bullying should be stopped, I will talk more after her personal experience. <Names withheld>.

I was a victim of bullying back in Primary school, Primary 4 to be precise, Lawrence (not real name), I really cannot forget him even now that I am an adult. Always eating my food, making me write his notes and copying my assignments against my will. My Primary 4 was execrable. You know at a point I wanted to stop schooling because of him. He beat me a whole lot and at one point he cut me with a razor and threatened me not to tell. I was staying with my grandma then. I told one of my elder brothers and he laughed at me calling me lazy, afterwards I never told anyone else. Someone in my class read my diary (My mum got the diary for me then), she showed it to my class teacher. The teacher then called for me and asked if what I wrote in my diary about Lawrence was all true. I was scared but confided in the teacher, she called Lawrence over and asked him.  All he got was a warning and he said “sorry” but that did not stop his tyrant nature. He later left the school that term for what reason I do not know but I know he was not punished for his bullying. I even use to feign sickness so I would not go to school to face him.

It affected me a lot because asides feigning sickness just to stay home, I sometimes fell ill because of the experience, my notes where hardly complete because I missed school and I had to copy his notes first before I did mine. I don’t know if it was only me he picked on in the school but in my class I was the only one, maybe because I was the shortest and I was also extremely quiet. It affected my self-confidence a great deal, I never talked in class when he was in school and when my elder brother called me lazy I saw myself as one and feared him even more. I have not seen him since then but if I do see him now, I don’t know what I would say to him. I loathe him.

Bullying should not be shrugged off. It is real and the experience is awful. The bullied should be encouraged to voice out and the bullies should stop the act.

My name is X and I am a victim of bullying.


You have heard it, let us not shrug this menacing act off as one of those things that kids would outgrow, it is wrong and should be discouraged vehemently. It also means we have to monitor our kids, know them and their makeup, if possible go through their diaries, their drawings and all to get clues about what is going on in their life, especially for those kids that don’t easily express themselves. Remember how we raise our kids would determine the kind of adults we will have tomorrow. May God help us all.

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  1. Touching stories!! I never experienced such but I know a couple of people who did. The most painful thing is that we could not help those who were experiencing such. Parents have to be really close to their kids. Its the only way they can open up


    • Thank you, you have said it… Parents do have a vital role, they need to encourage their children to open up and tell them everything, EVERYTHING!!!…. T21


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