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Jemi and TJ headed towards the entrance of the event centre. TJ took one last longing look at the place before the Uber came along, “TJ you can still walk back in and perform you don’t need to sacrifice it all for me” Jemi said, catching TJ’s stare, “Naaah it is not worth it if you are not going to be around”, TJ replied, “sometimes I feel you are extremely stupid, do you know that? You are just going to walk away from it all especially when your major competition is out, how amazing!” “I guess we do stupid things for more important things in life, Life is not only about winning, but giving up things for family and friends, being there through thick and thin and being a shoulder to lean on when someone needs a hand. This and much more are the real reasons for living” “sigh, I cannot argue with you TJ”. The Cab came along and they zoomed off.

At Nigeria Sings…

The show went on, one of the ushers whispered to Debbie, “Dee, TJ and Jemi cannot be found, they are not in their rooms”, “what do you mean?! How can they not be found, the show has already started, what would I tell the audience?” “I feel something tragic happened, she was found crying in TJ’s arms the last time they were both seen”, “Sigh… Life… It just comes at you without warning, I would try to stall their presentation to the very end if they don’t make it here, they would be automatically eliminated. So sad they were both so promising, and I was rooting for both of them”. “Okay no problem Dee, would pass the information across to the crew” the Usher replied.

In the Uber

The driver tried to make light conversation but no one was in the mood, he then proceeded to play a song, Westlife came on, I’ll see you again and the words began to sink in, I will see you again, you never really left, I ll see you work beside me, I know I see you again. The tears started rolling down, Jemi could not hold it any longer as the song played on, all the emotion she tried to hold back from the stranger found their way out, TJ gave her another hug, “I am so sorry Jemi, I am so very sorry”, “I miss him so much TJ, it hurts so so much, I cannot believe he has gone. This was the song he sang and played to me when he was in the hospital, I always told him to stop, that he was not going anywhere, seems like he knew all along” Jemi replied crying even more. “He is in a better place and would want you to stop crying dear, I am sure he is free from all the pain and suffering and would not want you to suffer this way, please Jemi”, “His last wish was for me to win it, but I doubt I have the strength for that TJ, it is hard” “You have a choice Jemi, to honour his memory in grand style by making that final or to sulk and cry all day and night about how you miss him. It is totally in your hands but just know this no matter how hard it is, no matter how many times you shed those tears or wish him back, he is gone. Do right by him Jemi” “are you saying you want me to go back and sing?” “You said it yourself, his last wish was for you to win it, while I say you would have me to contend with, why don’t you honour him and do it for him? His body will be taken care of by my dad”, “I don’t know TJ… I don’t know” “Trust me whatever you decide would be fine by me, my dad never even wanted me to sing to start with so he would be glad with this decision but, a year or two or ten down the line would you regret this opportunity that came your way and you didn’t take it?” “hmmmmmm” Jemi thought about it for a long time.

“Turn the car around and take us back!!!” Jemi screamed…. “You did good” TJ whispered.

Back at Nigeria Sings…

It is your girl Debbie and we have had some thrilling songs all round, but we still have two more acts to thrill us, trust me people there is still a whole lot to enjoy, keep your fingers crossed for something really awesome. Whoop!! whoop!!!.

In the UBER…

The Uber was stuck in traffic, it seemed everything was working against them and time was going, they were not even sure they had a slot in the competition any longer, “TJ let us get down and run the rest of the way”, “you really want to do this?” “You should know me by now, once my mind is made up, there is no turning back. There is a stage and audience waiting for us”. They came down and ran the rest of the way.

Back at Nigeria Sings…

Wasn’t that sensational, a wonderful piece I must say, I am awed by this set of singers, another round of applause. The crowd cheered, Debbie used this time to signal the usher and ask if Jemi and TJ had come back, but she got an answer to the negative.

After the crowd finished cheering, Debbie continued, “it has been an awesome week which has been crowned up tonight, unfortunately that is all we would be having tonight”. The crowd went into a frizzy, many held placards with the inscription of TJ and others Jemi, others booed loudly. “I am sorry guys but, this are all the singers for tonight, there was a no-show by the last two contestants” Debbie went on, the crowd got a little louder and the producers where asking if to cut the life feed. Suddenly a voice is heard but from where no one could locate. Waje ft Lira’s song is heard “Mountain”

hey hey hey them no go understand what you face on your own

when you run your race no one can see no one can feel but you keep it cool

cos you tryna keep it real you don dey grind too long, no be today on your grind so long, but it’s not a waste soon them go see, your actions speak this is just a test, soon it will be complete

Cos if you follow wetin dem talk you no go make am at all and if you follow wetin dem do you no go make am at all when you see that mountain, you’re gonna climb it you’re gonna climb 2x

The clapping and whistling goes on as the song is heard…. (Song goes on)

you’re gonna climb eh oh oh oh The sun has come, don’t wait too long can you feel it, deep in your soul cos I can feel it, nothing can kill in the battlefold, I hope you’ve understood cos if you follow wetin dem talk you no go make am at all and if you follow wetin dem do you no go make am at all when you see the mountain, you’re gonna climb it you’re gonna climb when you hear the sound, make you sing along ignite the fire wey dey burn through your bones let it burnnnnn

(The three Judges press their yes bell and Kunle, when he could not stand the melody anymore hit the Big Golden Buzzer) the song goes on.

cos if you follow wetin dem talk you no go make am at all and if you follow wetin dem do you no go make am at all (oh oh oh, oh oh oh) when you see that mountain youre gonna climb it you’re gonna climb 4x sing oh oh oh oh oh (oh oh oh oh oh) sing oh oh oh oh oh (oh oh!)


When they finished singing, the audience went into a frenzy, it was out of this world. Tears filled Jemi’s eye and TJ had to hug her on stage.

After a full 10 minutes Sade began to speak, “firstly audience that stunt was not planned at all, they actually did come late for the show, and we are about to find out why… go on TJ and Jemi”, Jemi was still sobbing and everyone was left perplexed at the situation. “She lost her brother today and was going to quit but she changed her mind due to a promise she made to her brother” TJ responded, the whole atmosphere got dampened with emotion, the judges all left their sit and went up to meet Jemi, giving her a warm hug, till she could compose herself, then they went back to their sits. “You are a brave young lady, and I must commend your strength in the seemingly depressing state you found yourself. We felt that strength resonant through and even before we heard the problem we had hit the Golden buzzer that automatically takes you both to the final. I am sure your brother is smiling down on you, you sure made him proud Jemi” Cobham’s said, this made the tears flow even more but she was grateful and mustered the word “thank you”. “Jemi and TJ you two where exceptional, to say the least, a befitting way to end the night I must say, from almost a no-show, to a late show that became the highlight of the show. Need I say more Cobhams you have done justice to it, but there is a little thing though, those that get the Golden buzzer hit, have to sing a special song for us, but if you are not up to it, we would understand dear”…. Kunle said, Jemi thought about it long and hard, with her eyes still teary she said, “we will give you all something, you bet” the crowd again broke out from the depressed trance and clapped and shouted their lungs out.


My love. There’s only you in my life the only thing that’s bright

My first love. You’re every breath that I take you’re every step I make

And I, aaa. I want to share all my love with you

No one else will do and your eyes,

Your eyes, your eyes they tell me how much you care Oh yes…

You will always be my endless love.

 Two hearts. Two hearts that beat as one.

 Our lives have just begun Forever…

I’ll hold you close in my arms I can’t resist your charms.

 And love, oh love. Oh love I’ll be that fool for you,

I’m sure you know I don’t mind Oh, you know I don’t mind

‘Cause you, you mean the world to me Oh, I know…

I’ve found in you my endless love Ohhh…

And love, oh love. Oh love I’ll be that fool for you,

I’m sure you know I don’t mind Oh,

You know I don’t mind and yes,

You’ll be the only one

‘Cause no. no one can deny this love.

This love I have inside I’ll give…

I’ll give it all to you my love…

my love My endless love My endless love My endless love My endless love…

Rest in Peace was displayed on the screen. It was an amazing night. They were in the final and everyone’s mind was blown away.

The Grand finale is a week away and expect loads of twist and turns.. It promises to be amazing, fast pace, thrilling and exciting. It would be longer than normal but you would enjoy every line of it…. Home the season finale!!!

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