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No Light

Welcome to a new day and we have a special writer in the house, you will be seeing his write up from now on. He is very deep I can assure you. This first post says a lot and most of us can relate… Read, Enjoy, reflect and be the change you want to see in that little corner of yours.. T21


no light
No light;
the megawatts of lies
when there’s light there is life, papa says
yet in all my life the only concrete matter is darkness;
even the orange ray of light gleaming in the horizon
is but a mirage that never comes true or;
at best out of the reach like stars in heaven.

All day long no life. no light
the city is thrown and torn apart like a drunken fly trapped in a bottle
ranting indigent hauling unholy words; wars at one another.
politics speaking from oversized flowing babariga
masses trailing after them like flies after cow tail
denying the people the right to life. to light.
squeaking generators coughing and wailing
heightening the chaotic showdown
chugging off black sooty fumes
that turn a sunny day into a stormy night.
deadly abysmal night that has claimed the dear lives of a whole family.

Red hot embers;
Gainful hours wasted like wet gun powder
put out to cold cinders of unemployment
passionate fire of prosperity becomes ashes of poverty
thick dark cloud impregnated with poisonous gases strewn all over the earth
A paradise once again turn the land of the trodden
hard and lost for the damned soul.

the city is like the drabbed belly of a demon
suppurating infrastructural decay
sporting the dark mascot of evil
for the men of the underworld
eerie silhouette of humanoid beings
dancing to the beat of the ‘i better pass my neighbour’
in face-me-i-face-you
choking ourselves face-to-face with the smoky hammer of death
quietly cutting down the light. the life out of us
like decaying batteries till greenhouse effects ensues.

whatever happened to the light they promise
the light so freely donated as far as the goldcoast
whatever happened to ‘we will give you life. light when you vote’
10000 megawatts of campaign propaganda
another word for tyranny, kickbacks and scam subsidies.

To us, every night is a depressed story
sick news feeds of gloomy heat
and the deafening elegy from the howling souls of the poor AC dynamos
rising in the night
growling in the many voices of hellish beasts
the megawatts of no light yet again
another less than idyllic night once again
with this wailing wailers. The generators.
Another night with no light.

Written: Mayowa Shobo

Picture: Google..


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