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Jemi came to the rehearsal room to find TJ waiting, “someone has learnt to come early” Jemi commented in a sarcastic tone, “I guess that wouldn’t be going away anytime soon, ever” TJ replied, “Oh, you can be rest assured it isn’t boy, I am just warming up”, “well then why don’t you save up your energy for the rehearsal because in as much as you have done a study on me, I have done my research on you too, and if there is one thing you hate more than me, it is losing. So I would suggest we try to get us into the final or you would regret all this and I can imagine if you are this critical of me, how much more you would be of yourself”, this took Jemi back, she never expected TJ to stand up to her, she tried composing herself but it was too late, she knew TJ had scored some valuable points, she would just have to plan her next strategy for later because right now they had a duet to win.

The rehearsal went on for hours before they decided to end it, TJ packed his things and left the room, though they had built up a chemistry while singing, they still did not relate while the singing ended. On getting to the door, TJ realized he had forgotten his charger and went back to get it, that was when he overheard Jemi on the phone. “How is he doing doctor” Jemi said…. “Please I am still trying to raise the money just give me a little more time, I can assure you the money would be complete……… Do everything doctor for my sake don’t let my brother die please….. I know he needs the bone marrow transplant and I am doing my best…. Thank you Doctor, God bless you for me” Jemi said then starts to sob has the emotion overwhelms her. “I am so sorry Jemi, I sincerely did not know” Jemi turns in shock to see TJ standing there, she tries to dry her eyes and compose herself, “what are you doing back here? Stalking me?” “Far from it Jemi, I came to get my charger and heard enough of the conversation to know what is happening Jemi, trust me I totally understand how you feel and I can relate”, “you cannot relate Nada!! You know nothing about me and this is a completely different scenario”, “Why are you like this, crying or showing emotion doesn’t make you weak you know, it just makes you very human” TJ countered, “Please can you just leave me the hell alone, you are not welcomed into my life”, “Suit yourself Jemi, but if you ever need anything or a doc…” “Just leave already boy errrh” Jemi barked… TJ stunned and fuming, got his charger and headed for the exit, he wondered how someone could be so strong-headed for nothing. After he left, Jemi crumbled like a pack of cards and let the tears flow. She had no choice, she had to win, no matter what it took and only TJ stood in her way, she would have to find a way of getting him evicted.


TJ walks into Dr. Ajayi’s office “Dad, How is Gram-mii?” “Hello to you too son”, “sorry dad don’t mind my manners. Good day dad”, “don’t worry it is very much understandable Babatunde. To answer your question, Gram-mii is still in ICU, still the same nothing is changed” “sigh dad, hope she comes out of this, she has to” “don’t worry Babatunde she will be fine by God’s grace, she is a fighter and this is one more battle she will overcome you can be rest assured” “Ok, dad.. Well I need a favor can you help me check up on a patient, he needs a bone marrow transplant and needs it fast but his sister who happens to be on the show cannot afford the treatment, she is hoping to win the singing competition so she can use the money for his transplant, but I doubt the boy has that long a time”, “hmmmm Babatunde, did she put you up to this?” “No dad, infact she chased me away but she is being pressured and I can understand how she feels, I know you can help, please can you do this for me?” “Well it is my job to save lives first, I would look into it for you son. First what is his name?” “I don’t know his first name, but her surname is Philip, it should be easy to locate”, “I would call on one of the nurses to check for a Philip awaiting a bone marrow transplant then, what other information can you give me?” “Her name is Jemi Philips she should be the contact number in the file, because her parents are dead” “nice one son, but I would have to call her to find out if she gives the green light for us to operate. Besides how do you know he would be here though?” “Asides Luth this is the only facility equipped enough to carry out such procedure with the cheapest rate that aside I did some snooping around because I was really concerned” “hmmm inspector general, better you singing though than joining the Police” Dr. Ajayi replied, they both laughed. “So are you saying I can sing dad?” “No, you can partake in this competition only because your Gram-mii instructed it, after that it ends, so enjoy the jolly ride” “that is good enough for me dad” “talk to your friend, tell her everything would be alright and son I am proud of this selfless gesture” “thank you dad, you the best” “I try”. TJ stands up and leaves the office of his dad, while the stranger standing at the far corner watches TJ’s movement with a sad look on his face.

Back at the training room.

Jemi stormed in with a stern look on her face “did you tell your dad about my brother?” “errr yes I think I did” came the reply from TJ, “You think or you did? Who gave you the right to get stuck in my business eeh? How dare you”, “take a chill pill Jemi, I was trying to help that was all and now your brother’s life could be saved, so why all the harassment? You don’t owe me nothing if you think that is why I helped, we are still very much rivals in this competition but I would not look away and see a human like me suffer when I can help, I have more values than that, so please if you don’t have anything positive to say, just let us rehearse and call it a day ma’am” TJ countered furious with Jemi. This caught Jemi unawares and she just stared for a while, softened up a little and whispered, “I am sorry TJ, I have just been in so much stress and pressure. Thank you for everything, you are a better person than I am, thank you for everything I appreciate it” Jemi goes ahead to give TJ a hug which got him all surprised, “hope you are not going all soft on me Jemi?” they both laugh, “go away joor, someone cannot play with you small” she replied, “can we go ahead and win this duet and prove to this other guys how damn good we are then Jemi?” “You got that right TJ, we can always resume hostilities after we get to the final” Jemi replies as she gives him a wink. They commenced the training in earnest.


Jemi and TJ where light singing getting ready for the big night, “I can feel butterflies in my tummy TJ, it seems so unreal I never thought I would be in the semifinal of such a big show. I knew I wanted this real bad and I had the voice but I never came to the realization of the amazing feat not up until now, it is mind-blowing TJ” “I know, I know.. my dad never gave me a chance either but look at us we are one step away from the ultimate price”, “if only Seye could see me now, he would be proud, he always love to hear me sing. It brought joy to him” “He will get the chance to Jemi, your little brother will be alright, just keep the faith and sing your lungs out dear” “don’t worry I won’t be having cold feet like you boy” “yes ma’am, you are…….” The phone rings and interrupts, it is TJ’s phone. It was from his dad, he was reluctant to pick the call, he did not know if his dad wanted to stop him from singing tonight. “Why are you staring at your phone pick the damn thing or switch it off” Jemi brought him back to reality, “sorry about that”.

TJ picked the call. “Hello dad how are you doing?” “Hello my son, very well thank you and you?” “I am fine dad, what seems to be the matter?” “You are a man TJ and I need you to take the news like a man”, “dad you are scaring me what is wrong, is Gram-mii alright, what is going on” TJ replied with a trembling voice, worry written all over his face, “is everything alright TJ?” Jemi cut in, but TJ was momentarily lost and could not hear her, “TJ, Gram-mii is stable, she is not the reason why I called. Sigh I would just say it. Seye did not make it. Jemi’s brother died a few hours ago I am so sorry, he did not survive the surgery, we were too late” Dr Ajayi said over the phone. TJ was left speechless and couldn’t come to terms with the news, “TJ are you there?! TJ!!!!” Dr. Ajayi screamed over the phone, “Sorry dad, I got it. I would have to tell her. I would call you later dad” TJ replied and hung up. Jemi visibly worried now, kept staring at TJ. “Tell me what is going on TJ right now!!” “I am sorry Jemi, I am so so sorry, Seye did not make it” TJ whispered, “No! No!! You are lying, you are joking, this is one big prank right?” Visibly shaken, Jemi kept blabbing, “It is not a lie Jemi, it is the truth I am so sorry” TJ said, “NO!!!!!!” Jemi screamed and broke down, tears flowing, TJ held her close and hugged her tight, “No Seye you promised to come watch me, you promised…. You said I shouldn’t cry that you will be fine, why?” Jemi kept lamenting, “he has gone to a better place Jemi, I am so sorry dear” “It hurts TJ, it hurts so much” Jemi went on, the tears uncontrollable now, her body spasm at intervals, “God understands better Jemi, I am so sorry” “This is not how it should be……How? Why? So young?” she went on and on, TJ could not hold back, a tear or two came rolling down also. They were like that for a while.

One of the hostess for the show came in, “I am sorry to break this but you have twenty minutes before you get out there”, “Thank you” TJ answered. TJ broke the embrace and looked Jemi in the eyes, “I know this is the hardest moment of your life, but I have to ask you a hard question and whatever you decide I will support you fully. You don’t need to talk just nod if you understand me” Jemi nodded affirmatively, the tears still rolling down, while she bit her lower lips which was trembling. “Do you want to continue with this competition or do you want us to leave right now and head to the hospital? Remember whatever you decide I will join you in it, if you decide to quit the competition now, we do it together and if you decide to carry on I would join you Jemi”. Jemi stared at TJ with watery eyes, the tears refusing to stop, it felt like a very long time. “Thank you for being there TJ. Seye was my inspiration, the reason why I wanted to face the world and sing. He is gone now there is no point for that, no strength. I don’t want you to leave because of me but my time here is done TJ, go ahead and do it for your Gram-mii” Jemi replies, gives TJ a hug then turns around carries her things and head for the door.

“Wait up Jemi, we are both leaving this competition together. I guess this is the end of the road for both of us. Home is where the heart is….


Is this the end of the Home series…… Is this the end or is there more…. Kindly tell me by commenting and by next week we would find out for sure if this is THE END *wink*

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