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Wonder Woman

Wonder woman

Wonder woman… o wonder woman what a wonder wow man!!

wonder woman.jpg

That was me trying to rhyme up there lol. So this is supposedly the most talked about movie in 2017, why? You would ask. Because this is the first Heroine movie hitting the cinemas this big and to be honest it did not disappoint. Many asked me when I was going to give a review on the movie I told them I wanted the dust to settle first before I give an opinion on it. I am ready now here goes.

Let me start with the storyline, as a religious follower of cartoons/comics turned movie it was ideal the storyline we have come to grow up with is not totally ruined. Yes little changes are allowed but don’t go about doing wholesome changes like Ghostbusters because you want to appeal to a certain audience it would not work and 99 percent of the time it leads to total disaster of an evergreen Cartoon turned movie. The storyline of Wonder woman wasn’t totally changed which I appreciated a whole lot. Gal Gadot wasn’t all that in Superman vs Batman, but she is beginning to get it right with this solo movie, the accent helped also but she still needs to be more flexible if you ask me. Is it just me but I thought it was America and not England in the cartoons? We can forgive that. Also Germany would be wondering what they can do to change history with all this super hero movies always fighting the Germans lol, oh well most of this super hero movies were created around the time of the World war so it is understandable my German friends.

While I watched the movie though especially the village scene when she went on turbo charge knocking everyone and anything down, it looked quite similar to Captain America with the whole shield, jumping around and hitting people and things like tissue paper but at the same time avoiding weapons cause it could still cause injuries.

Everyone knows that the comparison between Marvel and DC would be something we will still talk about for years and years. It seems to me Wonder woman towed the line of Man of steel (superman) and Batman vs Superman; It was dark and grey than bright and happy we have come to know Marvel for, even Wonder woman’s costume was darker in colour compared to the bright gold, red and blue we have come to know her for.

I must applaud the fact Ares was not in our face, they hid him very well and I did not suspect him till the very end. Also the sacrifice of Steve played by Chris Pine was also impressive. Finally DC Universe is finally building momentum after a dismal showing in Batman vs Superman (it was terribly bad trust me. I watched it and I was wishing it ended on time because I was getting sleepy lol). Wonder woman kept me wanting more after every scene.

I would agree with critics’ world over, this movie did a world of good to the DC universe and for their own sake I hope they can build on its success. But mehn!!! This movie is long biko 2hours and 21minutes or so. What is it who did we offend now, but it was worth it sha lol.

wonder woman 2

To the ladies who are quick to rush to quote wonder woman “men are only good for reproduction”, remember when our dear Steve died, she cried for him, showed anger(due to love) and unleashed her real powers due to her love lol. I guess even the strongest woman needs a good man not only for reproduction after all (dodging bottles, shoes, and makeup kit and rings lol).

Lesson from this wonderful movie. We human have the ability for evil, but when we hold on to our ability to love and let it shine forth, we become a better race. In the face of adversity we always find a way to rise from the ashes and be better.

My favourite scene, probably would be everyones’, It was when she charged up her hands, flew up and said “good bye brother” before blasting Ares out of existance, some Sango and Amadioha stunts lol.

My favourite quote from the movie; Steve to Diana “I can save today, you can save the world”. Remember we are all heroes when we decide to do what is right and go out of our way to help those that are helpless.

I am waiting for Flash, if they ruin that whenever that would be, they should just know from now they would be hearing from me.

I would rate the movie a 4 star out of 5… Magnificento!!!

P.S I am not writing on Alien: The Covenant, that movie was the worst movie ever. I REPEAT DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WATCH IT FOR ANY REASON. It is not worth writing about because I would just get worked up Lmao!!!..

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  1. I agree. Wonder Woman we the best DC movie so far.

    I still enjoy BvsS though. Especially after watching the Ultimate edition.

    Her accent is perfect. Wonder Woman may be an American creation but she isn’t American. A lot of people forget that easily.

    As for the England aspect, it was world war 1. The headquarters for the allied forces was England. So American, French, Italian and British forces assembled there. So the location as very apt.

    You need to see the script that Joss Whedon wrote. Wonder Woman would have sucked major balls……. (Pun intended)

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    • But Steve was American in the comics, that is my bone of contention… I concur that accent was ideal and a thumbs up for them. Thank God Whedon’s version never made the screen LMAO…. T21


  2. As for Ghost busters don’t get me started. I understood the vision behind that reboot and I admire it. Sometimes a reverse rebootisnt a bad idea. Sometimes it is.

    In the case of ghostbusters, believe it worked.


    • You believe that flop of a movie worked…. I will not agree with you on this one sir. it was so distasteful I wanted to cry, it felt like MIB did the flash thingy in my eyes and erased every good memorable i had of the cartoon turned movie…. I need another MIB flash to make me forget the horror watching it lol…. T21


  3. I have never understood the basis on which wondet woman character operates. A female superman? Is she a greek god or what exactly. DC transforming their heroes into movies have been abysmal. The grey and black does nit help. Stories weak with little or no intrigue. Man of steel was poor, batman vs supetman was abysmal. DC needs to go and get new heroes or get great script writers to create magic movies for them like marvel. For now marvel thumps DC hands down legs up!. Just my opinion.


    • Yes I totally agree with you on the fact Marvel trumps DC, and yes their script writing is so poor that is why i fear for FLASH when they decide to do his own movie, but in the three this one would be considered the best. Diana is not a greek god, even the Amazons in history are from Africa. It is just something twisted to create a female version of superman, let us just take that as it is. DC Universe do have a lot of catching up to do but this was by far their best work yet. T21


  4. so, i have been waiting for an opportunity to RANT.

    Do not get me wrong, i am ALL FOR GIRL POWER AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT and shit.

    However, this movie was a whole lot like superman vs batman.
    which by the way i slept during and woke up at the very end. the same thing happened to me with wonder woman.

    Gal Gadot was wonderful…yes
    stunning even

    but DC need to stop making their movies freaking long.
    at a point, it feels like they did not know what to do again.

    I have actually gotten to a point where i do not even bother with DC movies anymore……


    • I feel you… Like it is better you keep us wanting more than keep us begging for the end haba…. Too dark and grey no sunshine and hope. The verdict is they need a creative script writer or else they would keep playing second fiddle to Marvel. In the end the best movie in the lot DC have done but does not come close to any of the Marvel movies sadly. T21


  5. As far as am concern, the film is ok, brilliant storyline, drawn from Greek mythology , if Zeus can hv a male child(Hercules or Ares) don’t u think he can have a female child as well? isn’t it high time we start having female superheroes?, in the world where fictional male heros hv dominated the film industry for centuries. Be observant, the film also captures what’s happening in the modern world, females are now becoming superheroes from presidents of country to secretary of states to most influential/powerful.. so stop being a sexist by saying a film as poor storyline becos it has a female hero and get with the trend.


    • Female heroes I don’t have a problem with, but I was talking the movie in general not because the actor is female,far from it but like I said it is by far the best movie of DC comic in the three released but DC still have alot of catching up…. Thanks for the insight Ayo…. T21


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