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The Incredibles 2..

the incredible 2

So I was trying to update myself with new releases to expect for next year, I know it is quite soon, but hey if I don’t bring you the juicy stories who would? Unless you love movies like I do especially my cartoons.

Let us go right into it, so The incredibles was an amazing movie as far back as 2005 and I was one of many that wanted a sequel, the director said there wouldn’t be any unless he got a good story but I kept the faith, and I am happy to say that faith as paid off, and I don’t know why but Samuel L Jackson would be doing a voice over for one of the characters, don’t get me wrong he is a wonderful actor, it is just that he seems to appear in every good movie this days, he must be doing something right I take it. We saw the little baby of the family light up the bad guy in the first part, the strong man, the elastic wife, the speedster of a son, and the daughter with the force field that can act as a shield not forgetting ice man. As the director said it is more of a family animation showing how we can all be heroes rather than another hero animation. The Director of Inside out, one of Pixels great animation would also be on set for this one, so it is a cast of very talented directors and I am sure they would want to impress and give their CV a huge boost, not like it needs any further introduction.

Who the villain is, we are yet to find out but I cannot wait. June 15th 2018 is the date… keep it in your diaries. #Pixel #WaltDisneyAnimation #Movies


Toy story 4

toy story 4

Finally another Toy story, I wouldn’t particularly say I was expecting another one after the part 3 ended with the boy going off to college, but it seems the positive reviews and record shattering revenues Toy story 1,2 and 3 made spurred the 4th. I really hope they get this right because it would be sad to spoil an evergreen animation like the Toy story which has grown up with most of us.

According to sources it would be more of a love story of Woody, I cannot confirm that because this is a movie that is top secret and it is well kept. We still have a long way yet to know for sure because it would be released in June 2019, it was moved back for the Incredibles to air in 2018 which was when it was officially meant to air. So once again we await. #Toystory4 #WaltDisney #EvergreenAnimations.




So I just eventually watched Triple X, A throwback shey? I know… I know it is old but I cannot but think, was I watching Fast and Furious franchise or was it Avengers or better still a mix of both worlds, because with Vin Diesel and Samuel L Jackson it sure felt like it.

XXX neymar

Interesting movie, you would enjoy it extremely and trust me coming from me I mean it. Another epic one, you cannot bet against it. My favorite part though was featuring Neymar Jnr in the movie, I would love to see more of him in the next part, if there is one. I know all my football loving people would concur.

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  1. So…… This post was way too short. I was expecting a proper run down.

    As an avid movie watcher / amateur critic, I’m aware of the scores of movies (animation included) scheduled for the future.

    Also…. Samuel L Jackson was the voice of Frozone in The Incredibles, sonits only fitting he return for the sequel.

    Good post though…… I think. 😒😒😒


    • I understand brother, but you know this guys don’t like giving anything away when it comes to upcoming movies, even the thriller is not out yet. But i can assure you I will contact my source in Pixel *wink* maybe I can get some more insider info lol…. T21


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