Transformers: the Last Knight…


Happy New Month to everyone, may the second part of this Month be the best ever for you, may the force be with you.

Special shout out to Jennifer, Happy birthday dear…

Once again another transformers and to be honest I really thought I would hate this one, let me quickly apologize to BJ for condemning it before I watched it, though it was long I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Let me start with the Legend of King Arthur and Merlin, I guess we will never hear enough of them, with different versions every year, coincidentally I spoke on one earlier in this blog “Arthur” this year, now another. Let’s give it up for the English it seems they are steadily catching up with the Americans when it comes to movies and it is not just all about James bond for them. Spielberg being a part of the crew made it a classic with his eyes for detail and his wonderful track record.

The cinematography was awesome especially the part Mark Wahlberg stood with the sky in the background and the incoming planet of Cybertron approaching earth, that was amazing and one to look out for. The cars, goosh!!! It gave me a rush from Chevrolet being Bubble Bee to Lexus and the rest, I wouldn’t mind driving one of those beauties.


Lets go over to Optimus Prime… Dude can you stop introducing yourself every single time, reminds me of Eminem crying out can the real slim shady stand up. We get it from the very first movie you are Optimus Prime, we need no further introduction, as far as I am concerned Bubble Bee does it for me (I sting like a bee), yes I said it (This is me hating seriously, it is obvious lol).

The lesson for me is, when humanity is faced with a threat and they unite they always overcome. This is not just a statement of fact in movies alone, even in life. Take for example the SARS outbreak in Asia, Ebola in Africa, South Africa’s freedom and loads more.

Some quotes from the movie.

In the words of Optimus Prime *side eye*

Knights, Autobots. This cannot and will not be the end. To save earth and her people we are going to steal Quintessa’s staff. Only you, Vivian, can take it back. I will lead the way into her chamber and when the account of the ages is etched into the cosmos, let those who exist long after us know that this was our finest hour.

“I-I am Bumblebee, your oldest friend. Optimus. I would lay down my life for you

Sir Edmund Burton: It has been said throughout the ages, that there can be no victory, without sacrifice.


I would rate the very long movie a 4 star over 5….


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