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Boss Baby

Boss Baby…

boss baby

Everyone knows my love for cartoons, if you don’t know now you do lol. I always take out time to check out cartoons for the year and this one sort of slipped under the radar I must confess but I had to watch it.

I would try hard not to spoil the movie for those that have not watched it yet, but if you have not what have you been doing lol but it is all about the children. A child with all his childhood fantasies and fun, innocence and dream worlds and most importantly wanting to be the only one his parents loved, until a baby brother comes along, now this baby brother was more of a wall street businessman than a baby and this paved way for a lot of jealousy and conflict between both children, but to cut the long story short, they both found a way to fight a common enemy though for selfish reasons and they did succeed in the end but found out that all that did not amount to much if love was there at the end of the day. So what are the lessons that struck me in this amazing animation, which was quite funny and worth my while.

boss baby 2.jpg

  1. Love is key, after all said and done when we have made the big breaks, won the fiercest battles, got promoted, got rich and famous. If there is no one to really share it with, someone we love, family then there really is no point of it at all. Life would seem empty and the success rush feel hallow.
  2. Giving a child a wonderful childhood with love and care within a healthy environment cannot be over emphasized, the joy and lessons of childhood parents give their children would play a major role in shaping their lives.
  3. No matter how busy we get has parents (I know we have to work, it can be quite hard) we should create that time to be there for our kids and create that lasting memory and bond. Once we lose it at their childhood it would be really hard to get it back as they grow to teens and then adults
  4. And finally not to bore you all, never substitute anything for those you love.

boss baby3

Family is key, so no matter how big those dreams are, no matter how interesting and engaging those goals and passions are, never forget to take out time to spend it with those you truly love.

I would not call it the most classical animation ever, but it touched me and I am glad for family. Boss baby is a good movie, your kids would love it and you also would love it. Don’t be too quick in growing up and calling this animations childish, they also have their lessons we can learn from them.


In my usual manner I would rate it a three star out of five. Go watch it and thank me later.

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    • Cars would have to come up with something extra to be honest.. but you cannot be too sure, 1 and 2 did not dissappoint, hopefully this one would tow the same line, even an old car can learn new tricks lol… T21


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