Our Mentality

Our Mentality


This couple of days gone by have made me have a deep rethink of where our nation is going with the current crop of youths and their mentality. If you have been following the current news in Nigeria about Evans the kidnapper nabbed by the Police force and the interview in which Falz spoke his mind about not glorifying those that defraud innocent people. This news in itself should bring great joy to the hearts of many Nigerians that something at least is being done right and people are standing up and speaking for good. But what struck me the most and got me worried and totally disappointed with the supposed leaders of tomorrow and youths of our generation was the outcry of some distorted mind if you don’t mind my saying, for the release of a well-known criminal that has caused pain, agony and irreversible consequences to many. I was truly ashamed and for the first time asked myself is there truly hope for such abominable outcry from such a people? How can some people decide that it is alright to kill, kidnap and even cause pain to many? Some went as far as saying if those in government can go on and on stealing and not be caught then he also should be set free. Is that good enough reason for such talk? Then Falz spoke against celebrating well-known fraudulent characters and some empathized with them, others defended them, many even went about assassinating his character while ignoring the powerful message he was trying to pass across.

It is high time we looked ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves the simple questions? Are we really better than those men we criticize in power every day? With this action all over social media supporting what is utmost and totally wrong doesn’t it show we has youths are not even worthy to lead ourselves? When did we get so decayed that we openly support what is so wrong and praise those that have cut corners and brought sorrows to many? I recently read of a story of a young man who at a tender age suffered from polio but never allowed that get to him and still found a way to make ends meet via programming and going to school, or Olajumoke while selling bread (a legitimate business) got a break or the owner of Adidas starting off as a cobbler (a shoe maker) and through that built one of the biggest sporting wears company in the world or the boy on social media that recently celebrated his mum, she sold pap just to send him to school and now he is serving or those that did any legitimate job however small or the conditions worse just to go to school, get an education and make themselves somebody. So what is the excuse? That you started up from a poor background or nobody was there for you? No one was there for these people but they fought their way through the hardship and pain and rigor and did not do things illegally and now they are celebrated. Not forgetting the security man in UBA that returned, was it 15,000 dollars or so and when everyone thought he was crazy, he got rewarded with if not more, the equivalent of that amount and he is made for life. When did being honest, being just, being loyal, having a conscience, supporting and doing what is good become old school? When did it become extinct? Where did we get it all wrong? It is time we did some soul-searching and ask ourselves this questions.

Kidnapping, stealing, defrauding, scamming, praising and glorifying those that have done evil is TOTALLY WRONG!!! Because something is bringing forth immediate gain and temporary fame does not mean it is right, be enlightened, and only good stands the test of time. I do not mock the dead, but a classmate of mine went into such things, defrauding people, he made it big while we were in school and even left and people talked, but he died, being stabbed by someone he considered close and didn’t live long to enjoy it all, some may live long but trust me the repercussions are always there in the end. My question to those shouting for the release of Evans or praising and supporting those who scam people, what if it was your brother, or mother, or sister or child that was kidnapped and probably even killed, how would you feel then about such a man? What if it was the money meant for a surgery and got taken away from you by one of this fraudulent character, a surgery for your mum, sister or brother and they died because you couldn’t get the money? How would you feel then? What if it was the money you saved up for school, for feeding and it all got taken away from you, would you still maintain this praises or stupidity to free such evil men?

Be woke my people, it is time for a re-awakening. It is time to stand for what is right and do it. It is time to switch back on our conscience and do what is right, not because it is easy, not because it is free of obstacles, not because it is less painful but because it is noble, it is just, it is of good report, it brings peace of mind and a lasting legacy, because it is RIGHT!!!

I would end by saying, we are the leaders, not of tomorrow but of now. Our actions would go a long way in determining if we want the same of the same or we really crave for the real positive CHANGE. It starts with standing united for what is truly right, not for some selfish goal. Recall that senator or house of representative that does not have the best interest of his constituent. Wait for another election and vote out those that don’t serve the people. In your office do what is right, what is just and what is noble. Where ever you find yourself try to be the beacon of hope, the shining light, try to make a difference the little way you can to make this country, this continent and even the world a better place than you met it. May God bless us all.

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