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Home #9

Episode #9

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“I am so sorry Tori, I did not see this coming” Nuru said, “of all the time to come up with this, you are telling me now, how much more bad news do I need till I am broken?” Tori asked with a shaky voice, “I am so sorry if I could make things better you know I would dear”, “Just leave me alone Nuru, the harm is already done, I wish you well please don’t bother to call me I need a time to process it all” Tori said ending the call and allowing the tears flow, she hugs her pillow tight and forces herself to sleep.


Tori and TJ go ahead to see Gram-mii the following day at the hospital, Dr. Ajayi who looks tired and weary without having shaved in days, gives a smile and hugs them both “you both doing okay?” Dr Ajayi inquires, “We are fine dad, I cannot say that about you though, you look like shit” Tori replied, “language young lady” Dr Ajayi replied with no force or aggression just instinct, “don’t be angry dad but I feel you need to really sleep, you cannot be combining work and checking up on Gram-mii everyday all day since it happened, you also need rest so you don’t break down and we have to watch you both” Tori countered, “Thanks love I would try, it is not that easy as it sounds though” Dr Ajayi replies, hugs them and excuses himself after being called in. TJ and Tori both approach Mrs Ajayi who is sitting close to Gram-mii’s room. They give her a warm hug also. “How are you my loves”, “We are fine mum” TJ responds this time, “and how did the competition go TJ?”, “sigh… I am up for eviction, my fate is in the hands of either the judges or the audience, I did horribly”, “Don’t beat yourself on it, everything that has recently happened are too much on your young shoulders and you have managed to keep sane through it all, I am proud of you my son” Mrs Ajayi countered with encouraging words, “Thanks mum”, “and how is the temporal mother of the house doing?” Mrs Ajayi said facing Tori, “I will live to fight another day, I cannot complain, I can only hope”, “you sure you don’t want a hug, seems to me it is more than just that, you going all philosophical on me hun”, “Mum!! I am not a child I can handle myself, cut it out” Tori countered, “even the strongest of us need a shoulder to lean on at some point in our lives, Gram-mii would have told you that”. Everywhere turned quiet with the mention of Gram-mii, like a thick cloud of heaviness. After a while TJ eventually spoke “Can we go in to see her?” “Errr…. Not for long but yes I think it may help, probably when she hears your voice she would probably wake up but it has to be very brief children, doctor’s orders” Mrs Ajayi said, “No problem mum”. “One more thing TJ, I have been saving this CD for you, it is my only album that was never released, listen to track 4 it should inspire you”, “but mum I would be evicted for sure” TJ replied, “so it doesn’t mean your dream should die with it”, “thanks mum, you are the best and I love you” TJ said hugging Mrs Ajayi tightly, “Errr when you two are done playing mushy mushy love can we go in before the doctor arrives or any of those nosy nurses” Tori cut in, “Sigh… I know you did not inherit this side of you from me, it is definitely your father” Mrs Ajayi said, “He is not complaining mum” they managed to all smile briefly before TJ and Tori go in to see Gram-mii. Meanwhile down the hall a man is watching their every movement checking who is going in and coming out concealing himself from the view of the Ajayi family.


Every one of the participant where nervous, it was either they stayed or went home. It was intense. When it got to TJ’s turn he went to the stage and greeted the judges. “Hello everyone” He said, “Hello TJ, the last time you let your team down, do you think you can change our minds regarding that this time around?” Kenny asked, “That is my intention right now I don’t have a choice” came the reply, “so what do you have for us TJ?” Sade asked, “HOME by Westlife originally sang by Michael Buble” replied TJ, “nice! I can see you know your music well, you are well seasoned in the history of music. You have gotten my attention boy, now I am interested in which version you would sing. Take it away” Cobham’s chipped in.

Another summer day,

Has come and gone away,

In Paris and Rome,

But I want to go home,



Maybe surrounded by,

A million people I,

Still feel all alone,

I just want to go home,

Oh I miss you, you know,


And I’ve been keeping all the letters,

That I wrote to you,

Each one a line or two,

I’m fine, baby, how are you?

Well I would send them but,

I know that it’s just not enough,

The words were cold and flat,

And you deserve more than that.


Another aeroplane,

Another sunny place,

I’m lucky, I know,

But I want to go home,

I’ve got to go home,


Let me go home

I’m just too far,

From where you are,

I’ve got to come home,

Let me go home,

I’ve had my run,

Baby, I’m done,

I want to come home


And I feel just like I’m living,

Someone else’s life,

It’s like I just stepped outside,

When everything was going right,


And I know just why you could not come along with me,

‘Cause this was not your dream,

But you always believed in me,


Another winter day

Has come and gone away,

In either Paris or Rome,

And I want to go home,

I miss you, you know,


Let me go home,

I’ve had my run,

Baby, I’m done,

I want to go home,

Let me go home,

It’ll all be alright,

I’ll be home tonight,

I’m coming back home.



After TJ was done, there was a standing ovation, “amazing stuff young man, home truly is where the heart is” Kenny said. The others sang and it was time for the decision.

“I have the result from the audience on who they want to stay from the eight, but before that, Judges who are your top three picks” Debbie asked, “after consulting with each other we have decided for Ovie, TJ and James” Sade replied, “so that means if the name of one of your choices is inside this envelope it makes the decision easier I guess or what do you think Kenny” Debbie continued, “it is never an easy decision when people sing out their hearts but that is why we are here to make the difficult decisions isn’t it” Kenny replied, “yes it is Kenny, no arguing that, but what if the audience decide to pick someone entirely outside your top 3? Cobhams this one is for you”, “well then that is why it is a competition, it just makes our decision even harder to pick one person, like Kenny said that is why we are here and we will do the needful” “You heard it from the judges, the time is here and we would start with who the audience have picked to go through to the final round” the sound effect blast, Debbie confirms that the envelope is not touched and then goes on an extensively tensed silence… “The name of the person I would call would go to the next round, and that participant is…………………….. JEMI!!!!” Jemi jumps and she is visibly surprised before the tears start rolling down her eyes, “I guess you didn’t see that coming after the judges didn’t give you a chance” Debbie asked, “I am in shock, I had all but given up when the judges picked and I just wanted to be done with and go home but this, this is amazing and I am the happiest person alive right now, forget the tears they are tears of joy” Jemi replied, “yes I can tell, congratulations Jemi, stand aside. So Judges what do you have to say to this new development?” Debbie asked, “It is a competition and she is a great singer no doubt, the fans love her and want to see more of her, who are we to say no” Sade replied, “you have heard it from the evergreen and beautiful Sade. We just have one last slot before we call it a time, so who would do the honors?” Debbie asked, “I would be doing that” Cobhams replied, “after much deliberation we would be going for one with so much potential, so much passion and vocals, don’t get us wrong the others are good, but this individual possess something more we still want to discover and see in this stage, so without further ado, we would be saving TJ!!!”, everywhere erupted, TJ went on his kneels without knowing how to react, he was beyond happy and grateful for the second chance, Debbie dragged him up, “I am so sure you are overwhelmed with all of this, did you think you had a chance?” “Well firstly I want to thank God, my family, Gram-mii get well soon please. To answer your question I never imagined I would be considered after such poor showing the last time around, I possibly singlehandedly caused my team a spot and got us all nominated for eviction, I am sorry guys, Ovie you especially, I can assure you I will use this opportunity you have given very well you can be rest assured”. “You have given them your word, I can only wish you the best TJ” “Thank you Debbie, thank you very much”, “any words for TJ the Judges?” “This is another chance boy, don’t let us down” Kenny replied. “You have heard it from our judges, until next time, take it away.

TJ went ahead to hug Ovie and Chidi before heading towards the backstage, Jemi was waiting with a stern look, “lucky boy, I can see the judges love you but Nigerians love me more, trust me those judges would not be helping you in the finals because I know they would aid you to that stage but I would be in that final to end that fake dream of yours” “Jemi what have I ever done to you, why are you so hostile to me, I have apologized for the other time, what else do you want from me?” “You are the only threat I see between me and the prize, it is so amazing you don’t even know the talent you have, but news flash I would make sure I do everything to disorient you. You have shown me your weakness which is also your greatest strength when channeled rightly and I am going to exploit that. It is a game boy deal with it”, “It is a game but being fair is also ideal don’t you think? You are just a bully and that is sad, I would not be drawn into your hell hole by hating you Jemi. Congratulations, we still have some time yet before the finals, when we do get there if we do then we can have this discussion again”. TJ replied, “Watch your back son, I am on your case like kilode” “Oshey baddest, you are mouthed” TJ replied and left her and headed towards Tori who had heard and was so excited. “We did it TJ”, “Errr … I did it” TJ said sarcastically, “Someone is proud now ooo and they are not even a star yet, soon they would deny us and claim they were the only child while they had a house maid” both of them laughed. “How now sis, you are my personal person I cannot deny you now”, “Deny first you would know I have enough evidence to prove”, “Oshey someone be going down the route of blackmail”, “You leave me no choice bro, I remain Tori no one denies me”, “speaking of no one Tori, Nuru is behind you. I am out of here”.

Tori slowly turns to meet Nuru’s gaze “hey stranger”, “Tori don’t act that way I never expected it to happen”, “what exactly do you want me to say or how exactly do you want me to act. You are going not to study but to live there probably forever, that means we may never see again and you brought this out of the blues” “That is because I heard it out of the blues myself, it was not pre-planned or anything, dad just called that he wanted me over” “Well then congratulations, I hope you have a good life and find someone close to you” “I don’t understand you Tori, so you are giving up so soon without a fight why are you being illogical in this?” “You are the one being illogical Nuru, face reality and ask yoursef real questions, you think this would work with all the distance, I am not good at the distance issh and I doubt you are either, we just started dating and we have not even discovered each other, so what exactly do you want me to say?” “What exactly are you implying Tori?” “If you keep denying it I won’t, I told you from the start I am a very blunt person and very real too. I love you very much though, I don’t say it often or act it but I am also a realist, this would not work and there is no need to pursue it if you would not be here and I would not be there with you Nuru, Long distances work some of the time but I am not ready to get hurt more than I am already”. “So you are breaking up with me just like that Tori”, “No I am saving us the heart ache and longsuffering of a long distance relationship. I am sorry Nuru I don’t have a choice” and before Nuru could say anything else, Tori walks away. The tears dropped has she walked on but she would not dare to turn back knowing if she looked into his eyes she would run into his arms, she knew she had to do it. It was the best decision for both of them. The sooner they got over each other the faster they could start their lives afresh. Nuru was left inconsolable, but he could not blame her. She had been through a lot already and he just compounded issues, coming into her life suddenly and then leaving when things where just about taking off. He walked to his car as someone’s gaze followed him all the way.

Naija sing’s rehearsal class….

Few days later, everyone was present for the next big surprise the competition got for the participants.

“Hello everyone you are all at the business end of the competition after thousands of people participated at the beginning. It all boils down to the ten of you and it promises to be awesome because we the judges have some interesting events lined up for the next live broadcast” Kenny said, “We have decided to pair you all and then you all will be picking a song, a Nigerian song randomly from this basket. Now the sad part is half of you would be going home after this screening while the remaining five will move to the penultimate final. We will be looking at cohesion, teamwork, heart and soul, how much you can complement the other, selflessness and the likes and our choices would be based on that. The audience would have the power to save just two of you, while the remaining three choices would be ours, the judges I mean. Good luck everyone and may the grace of the Lord be with you all” Kenny said, letting them understand the gravity of the next events. He went ahead to start calling the pairing and then out of nowhere “TJ and Jemi would also pair up”……. TJ was stunned, Jemi had disgust written all over her face. It was crutch time…..                                                                                                                                               Watch out for the next episode of Home….  



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