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A story from a Lion Tamer Yazid and his experience with a lion.. P.S Do not try this at home, on the street, expressway or anywhere else… lol

I remember a friend of mine that wanted to buy a Toyota or Honda and I had to press him really hard to give Peugeot a chance, 406 in particular so we went to car salesmen.

I was with my 406 which we dropped together with my passport though they do know me but I wanted to follow protocol.

He wanted me to choose the best one and test for him. There were EW10, E12 but no V6. He actually didn’t want V6 though I tried to convince him on it.

Those guys had very clean cars and there was this beautiful sky blue manual EW10a 2004, leather seats and the instrument cluster was mixture of white and red – it was a beauty.

If it was a V6, I’d have stabbed him in the back and bought it for myself.

So I checked oil, water everything and all was on point.. 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽.

Tires super fresh and 16″ rims👌🏽

He said he wants it and I told him to test drive before purchase.

I told him to drive it himself. The sound of the kick alone was too sweet, cleaner, crispier and swifter than any lion I’ve heard (you know that healthy lions have this quick sweet kick sound).

He drove out and we went to the nearest Petrol station⛽ and dropped in 15 litres. The guy was falling in love with the lion. After driving 11km to the next LG, I told him to keep going so we can monitor other vitals. Anyway, we went 35 KM to the next LG.

Then we parked and checked the fan (if it has been abused) etc. Everything was on point 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽.

So, I got behind the steering on the way back. Just relaxing and cruising 100 – 120km/h, just outside the town we got to this guy in a V6 accord 2008.

He was moving slowly but the moment I tried to overtake him, he revved up, he kept doing it for a while and I got charged up😡.

A little background here

I’m the kind of person that my average speed is always termed as madness by people (passengers, friends, onlookers, road users etc). I have many friends that swore not to be driven by me.

Back to story

I slowed down and he disappeared, my friend was like huh?!😱😱😱. He has witnessed a miracle that he has a story no one will believe.


I’m like 😏😏😏.


I was on 100, downshifted to speed 4, hammered that engine to RPM 7.something then took it to speed 5


In a minute the guy just saw me like a flash, I was like 180-190km/h then.

The execution was swift, I saw black smoke puff from his silencer through the rear view and I knew he was on the pedal. I also floored mine.

My friend was saying please o! He hasn’t bought the car yet, I wasn’t making sense of what he was saying. By the time it became a full blown race, I was well over 200km/h.

Then came sudden traffic with cars coming from the other lane.


Sudden brake screeching sounds white smoke at the same time, clutch, downshift to speed 3, negotiate right shoulder and boom💥! Propelled like a bullet.

That was it for our adversary. We took the car back and you could smell the burn in the brakes from a mile away. The rims were bloody hot!

The car seller was like are you guys crazy??? He brings cars from Cotonou so he has a very good idea what that lion went through.

We told him to calm down, we are buying and while we were discussing, the Honda guy saw us and came over (the car sales guys are on the road), he asked who was driving and my friend pointed to me.

The guy shook me and said “you should be leading convoys, I’ve never been beaten like this before”

I told him kit isn’t only the driver but also the car that’s why a lion always leads a convoy as far as journey is concerned.

End of story, my friend bought the lion, this is about two years now and apart from tyres, battery and stabilizers he hasn’t replaced any parts.


Sometimes I call him and say I want to make a short trip I need his lion he’ll tell me to drop the car’s worth in money before collecting cause it might be the last time he’ll see his lion 😂🤣🤣🤣

There’s something lion king always says ” if u don’t want to buy a V6 don’t test drive it”  because at the end you will definitely have decision making problems


I just wonder why mechanics and car sellers discourage buyers against going for v6.

Engine works effortlessly and hardly develops faults.

But it is a risky lifestyle which I’ll probably have to tone down.

I’ve replaced my bumper, radiator condenser, fan etc 4 times in 5 years.

I’ve had countless close shaves so it has not been smooth sailing all through.


I’ve actually made a resolution to desist.


Imagine I dey travel but my friends will be contemplating following me or public transport

I know that if I grew up in an enabling and conducive environment, car racing would have been my all. Formula one (Hamilton style)


It had been part of me from childhood.


When I sit in a car and hold the steering, I feel the car not as an object but rather, part of my body. The tires are my legs, the engine my mind etc.


I don’t know how to explain it but I don’t feel like I’m driving a car rather, I feel I’m driving myself.


I don’t know if you understand me but to simplify it the car and I become ONE!!!

I have countless stories like this


Like a trip we were to make to Abuja from Kebbi State.


The other guy (my cousin who has been my racing rival all our lives) was in a Honda Pilot and he left 7am and used a shortcut through Anka (an LG in Sokoto State).


I told him he wouldn’t get there before me and he laughed hard cos I had to wait for my sister who I had to drop off in UDUS (Usman Danfodio University Sokoto) thereby taking a longer route of almost 186km.


I dropped her off in UDUS at approximately 9:38am and we called him just them so he’ll have an idea of my timeline.


I zoomed off and was driving at an average rate of 190-210.


By 5:30pm, he called me saying I’m in zuba right now, where are you?


I told him I’m also in zuba


He was like 😱😱😱 it’s a lie jare. Bottom line, he went up the bridge I went straight then tool off left through airport and got to Lugbe.


When he arrived Lugbe and the gateman let him in, lo and behold the red lion gracefully relaxing in one of the parking spots. In fact, I quickly laid down and pretended to be asleep. The guy vex no talk to me 😂😂😂


Anyway sha, trip that I usually use a full tank or just over a full tank required almost two full tanks but it is expected. Also my front rims were black from granules of burnt of brake disk.

: I also once put my lion through so much that it refused to go off even after switching of ignition and taking out the key. 😂

Later it was giving crazy problems I had to change BSI

Peugeot cars are simply the best especially 406. I wonder why it took me long before I discovered 406. Whenever am on a road, I drive with so much pride and joy. No car has given me that joy before.


Need I say More, Peugeots got me hooked… If you want to tame anything why not tame the King of the Jungle, when the Lion roars others stop and listen.. #LionCommunity #Peugeot #Peugeot406 #Liontamers #Cars

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