Happy Father’s day

Happy Father’s day


As I sit across from my dad on this special occasion of father’s day I have a smile on my face because he has been the best father anyone could ask for, though I may not be able to express how much I love him and how much he means to me and would always mean to me, this medium I do have and I would give him a very special post to show just how much.

We never know how much our dads mean to us till we grow much older and start to understand just how much sacrifice they have made to our very growth and existence.

I grew up knowing my dad to be a disciplinarian, but I got off easy, I remember this very day while we were playing downstairs and my elder brother saw him and took off, running upstairs, my sister duly followed, I was young and did not quickly catch up but when it was rather late I followed and then we went to the bathroom washed our dirty legs then afterwards dried it up with towels so it looked like we had not been downstairs at all. He came in with his huge frames (those where the glasses in vogue that period) and he asked us, of cause we said NO but he saw me, and yes my brother took most of the spanking that day, I was spared. Lol or my very first slap when I refused to eat swallow because I was throwing it up, I got my first slap and oh! Boy did I get the birds singing. That was my dad for you, He also provided and catered for the family, all I did was ask for the school fees and pocket-money every month and did not care where it was coming from. Now I know better money is not gotten from trees, all that selflessness just so we can have the best of education and clothes. All that sacrifice so we can eat properly and not starve. All that love so we can have a roof over our heads. All those long hours of work so we can be better individuals in the world.

My dad is my role model, he never ever touched or laid a hand on my mother all through the years and even till now, he is the perfect gentleman, I had seen this couple called my parents have misunderstanding over the years from time to time, but not once did he hit my mum or threaten to hit her, when it got heated he took the root of walking away and locking his room till things cooled off, Our generation needs to learn one or two things about that. He respected my mum, though he was not perfect and he has laid a marker on how a woman should be treated for me and loved. (Dad I pray every day to make you proud in that regards and when I do marry and have kids show them this qualities and represent you right).

He was a teacher, yes my dad I can proudly say taught every one of his kids, and his Maths is next to none, Genius I must say!! I have a flair for numbers not because I necessarily love maths but because he gently pushed us into the act of knowing it. My sister can testify to that *wink*, even after so many years when I was in University and a cousin of mine brought a Jamb question, I wanted to check his Maths skills if it was still up to par, and he flawlessly got to the answer with his own working which was different from the modern-day method of solving it and when we compared answers, same answer different approach!! I was impressed. (I hope one day I can be like you and teach my children things that they think I am old school in and they in turn feel proud of me).

My Dad is a lover, yes he might be old school and try much not to express it (sigh I may have taken some things from him) but he was a real lover, he showed us love by taking us to the Bar beach then when we were young and didn’t even have a car, we would enter a bus and have fun, when I eventually got into the boarding house, we would branch Mr Biggs and he would get Meat pie and ice-cream to stop me from crying (we all know how the boarding house can be), he never hugged me to stop crying or speak to me in a loving manner that everything was going to be okay like my mum would, but the act alone of getting me something he knew would bring a smile on my face was his own way of showing it. He also loved my Mum so much, my mum told me stories of how he wrote beautiful letters of love to her, it is no wonder I turned out a writer lol.

I could go on and on about it all, but all I am saying is this DAD, I love you very much, you have been a mentor, a teacher, a disciplinarian, a lover and friend and though I don’t say it enough, thank you for training me into a better man, because you are a good man, and I pray to God every day that I make you proud and you can look back on all those sacrifices and smile and tell God “it was worth it Thank you Lord”.

father and son

To Every father out there that have been awesome, may your children make you proud, To those that have not been all that good but traced their ways back and working on their marriage and family, you are the real MVP, the real man and to those that have cause so much pain to their family, you can still trace your step back, and find your way back home. Being a real man also means knowing you have made a mistake, taking responsibility and using the remaining days you have trying to make it up to those you have hurt.

I hope to be a Dad someday, and when I do I hope I be the best dad and just maybe one of them would take up my writing and post something about me. Mr Emmanuel Akapo your rock!!!

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  1. Lovely!! God bless our fathers!!Even though my dad has gone to be with the Lord, I will choose him again to go on the father-daughter journey, only this time, I pray he stays longer!!

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  2. This is really niceeeeeee…and God bless d mothers who have to wear 2 hats and play d role of both parents….very nice piece Tobi


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