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This Episode is dedicated to those fighting one medical condition or the other in our General Hospitals may the Lord heal you all and give your family the strength in this trying time. We are winding down to the end of Home, it has been such an emotional and breathtaking 9 weeks and I just want to say thank you in advance…

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“You are welcome Young man to Naija sings once again, what do you have for us today TJ” Kenny said, “I will be doing Mama by Boys II Men” TJ replied, “A nice pick, why that choice of song though?” Cobham’s asked, “The song is dedicated to my Grandmother, I call her my Gram-mii, she has been there for me from the start of this journey and it is just right I thank her in front of the world, showing her just how much she means to me” TJ replied. “Thoughtful son, you already have a soft place in my heart with your choice of words and song” Sade cut in, “You have the floor TJ, show us what you got” Cobhams eventually said.

You taught me everything
Everything you’ve given me
I’ll always keep it inside
You’re the driving force in my life, yeah
There isn’t anything
Or anyone that I could be
And it just wouldn’t feel right
If I didn’t have you by my side
You were there for me to love and care for me
When skies were gray
Whenever I was down
You were always there to comfort me
And no one else can be
What you have been to me you will always be
You will always be the girl
In my life for all times

Mama, Mama you know I love you
Oh you know I love you
Mama, Mama you’re the queen of my heart
Your love is like tears from the stars
Mama I just want you to know lovin’ you is like food to my soul


After the song, tears was visible on the eyes of TJ everyone was left spellbound, “whao! Kiddo you brought it home tonight, it is not just about the singing but the soul you put into it, One word BREATHELESS, you keep this up and you will definitely be going to the finals.. It is a yes for me” Sade gushed, Kenny kept clapping, “she has said it all, God bless you TJ. You are moving to the next round” and finally Cobhams said, “You are a singer with hearts, you bring your emotions and pour it into the song which connects to your audience, if you continue this way, the sky would be your stepping stone TJ, it is a yes”. TJ was so excited about the development he was moving up in the competition and now he was beginning to believe just maybe he had a chance. He got outside, only for him not to see anyone waiting for him, “how could it be?” He asked, not talking to anyone in particular, he remembered his phone and quickly switched it on, few minutes after it came up and loaded a text came in “Gram-mii fainted, we on our way to Lasuth, take a Uber use my ID and get here now. Don’t fret just get here as soon as you get this. Tori”. Immediately TJ read and re-read it, panic set in but he quickly remembered the words of Tori and opened his Uber app and prompted for a ride, the ride came few minutes later.

TJ entered the Cab, the driver started small talk trying to score favorable points with his customer early and eventually translating to good ratings. “Where to sir?” “Lagos state University Teaching Hospital and please be quick”, “You have no problem sir, and you would be there in no time….. It is a nice day, a wonderful weather” The driver chipped in. No answer came from TJ who was lost in thought, “would you like some music, I have rock, jazz, RnB you name it” asked again the Driver, after a while TJ eventually replied, “I just want to be left alone, it is not a good day to chat and if you can take me to the hospital on time while not saying anything I would be grateful and rate you whatever, deal?” “A deal it is sir” the driver replied. Nothing was shared between them, while TJ’s mind wandered to Gram-mii looking out to the streets and pedestrians, but not focusing on anything in particular, he hoped and prayed Gram-mii was alright because she was one of the reasons he climbed that stage to sing and probably because of him she was lying in a hospital bed, he wouldn’t forgive himself for this.

On getting to the hospital, he ran straight to the Medical Emergency ward where he got access to see Gram-mii, she was already conscious, but looked drained. Dr and Mrs Ajayi where already there by the bed side while Tori stayed outside with Nuru.

“Gram-mii I am so glad you are awake, I was scared” TJ said giving Gram-mii a hug, “careful kiddo not too tight please” Dr. Ajayi scolded lightly “Let him be Rotimi, o miss mii nii (He misses me). Bawo TJ? How did it go at the auditions joor, soro sii me; talk to me” Gram-mii cut in; “It was great Gram-mii I dedicated a song for you, when you are out of here, we would watch the replay online” TJ replied, “online bawo?” Gram-mii asked puzzled, “on my tablet Gram-mii, don’t worry your head about that, just get better please” TJ replied, “It would take more than this to take me down, emi Wonder woman to sure” Gram-mii said while demonstrating with her bicep, everyone laughed. After a while Gram-mii eventually said facing her son Dr. Ajayi “Rotimi, oko mii, promise me you will allow Babatunde go for the next one, for my sake; Joor mo fi Olorun be ooo (I am begging you in the name of the Lord)” “I will if you promise me to rest well, get out of this hospital and rest at home fully?” Dr Ajayi replied. “You have a deal Omo mii” “Thank you Maami, “everyone we need to leave Gram-mii to rest now she needs all the rest she can get and the drugs would kick in anytime now”. They all gave her a hug and headed toward the exit.



TJ goes for the rehearsal session before the main live presentation, He fell in the Green team with three other singers. He happened to come in late because he had to go visit Gram-mii first before heading for the rehearsals, on getting to the venue, he meets his team “I am sorry I am late, my name is TJ”, “Well we cannot be waiting or babysitting you bro I am here to win it” came a voice from the rare, “I am sorry about Jemi’s attitude please pardon her, she is all tough on the outside but sweet on the inside, by the way my name is Chidi”, “Nice meeting you Chidi and once again I am truly sorry Jemi and everyone it was not my intention to create this first wrong impression”, “I will be watching you boy” Jemi cut back, “I think that is enough, the boy apologized already” came a sweet voice from the other side of the studio with a guitar in her hand not looking up, “I am Ovie by the way, I think we should get to work on the song  picked for us. I heard Timi would be coming in soon, he would be our celebrity coach for the group song” “You mean the very same Timi Dakolo” TJ exclaimed very excited, “Oh yes there is no two of em. I see he is your idol already, how many songs does he even have to his name?” Jemi cut in, “Jemi!!! Cut it out already will you” Ovie shouted, “He is going to be our teacher it is better he has a good first impression about us, because that would go a long way, besides no matter the amount of songs, he is a recognized artist you are not, a winner of a competition, which you are not and he is multi-talented, we are yet to see yours, just your bragging and annoying skills” Ovie totally brought Jemi to earth, “I will prove you wrong by winning this competition first after which you will beg for my autograph you just mark my words” Jemi cut back after a while, “I don’t think I would be asking for it if you keep up this wrong attitude” TJ stepped in visibly upset from all the attacks, “The young man can speak, now that is something, I got my eyes on you boy” Jemi said as she walked off, “Don’t mind her she is scared of your abilities, before you came she went on and on about how you sing with soul and the audience seem to love you because you have a huge backing” Ovie told TJ, “I didn’t even know that too busy with school work and then Gram-mii haven’t had the time to check” TJ replied, “Well you are bro and if you keep your head in the game nothing is impossible, but first you have to go through us” Chidi said with a smile, everyone laughed dousing the tension “For now we are a team, let us not try to outwit each other, we will get to that stage, then no one would hold back” Ovie said, “Tell that to Miss I am too good for everybody Jemi” TJ replied “Your sarcasm will take you far, they all laughed.

After much training, the day had arrived for the performance, the atmosphere was frenetic. Tori and Nuru brought TJ for the event on getting there, Tori received a call from Mrs Ajayi, “hello Tori, how are you doing?” “I am fine mum”, “and what of TJ hope he is ready for the big moment?” “Yes he is, as far as I can tell Mum” “That is good but I need you to tell him he would not be able to talk to Gram-mii now because she was just moved to the Intensive care Unit, she went unconscious again please don’t tell him this bit of information”, Tori went quiet on hearing this piece of information, “are you there Tori? Tori talk to me, say something?” Mrs Ajayi asked, tears dropped from Tori’ eyes, she could not keep it in anymore, Nuru held her close in a hug, after a while within sobs she replied “I am here mum, but I think he already knows, he saw me crying and he stormed off”, “I am sorry dear, let us pray I am sure she would come out of the ICU better Tori, be strong for TJ do you understand?” “yes mum I do”, “good, you are my girl now make me proud and clean those tears from your eyes, Gram-mii will be okay, your dad would make sure the best doctors are on call round the clock and would do everything humanly possible to make sure she is alright okay?” “Okay mum”, “I love you Tori, extend my love to TJ”, “I will do that Mum” and the line went off. Nuru cleaned her tears, “don’t worry baby, Gram-mii will be fine, she is strong and she will fight so she can be here when TJ sings in the final you will see”, “I hope so Nuru, I really do, nothing should happen to my Gram-mii, she means a lot to me”, “I know baby, just hang in there for Tj, he will need all the encouragement and strength from you” Nuru said, “let’s go find him before it starts” Tori replied. They go in search of TJ and found him in one corner backing them while pacing, “TJ you have to pull yourself together” Tori said, “Is she really dead?” “Whoever said that? How can you think that” “you were in tears Tori, are you trying to cushion the news sis”, “sigh TJ she was moved to ICU because it became critical but she is very much alive” Tori replied sternly, “it is all my fault if only I had not disturbed her so much, if only I had not participated in this competition she wouldn’t have been so stressed and fainted, all this wouldn’t have happened” TJ rumbled on, “Will you shut up! Who says? You don’t know that, it happened and it is not your fault, and you better stop acting like she is dead, she is very much alive and her wishes before she slipped into unconsciousness was for you to sing your heart out for her, to win this, to put a smile on millions with your voice, to prove dad wrong that you can be responsible and sing. You better rise up from this temporary setback, put aside the emotion and sing for her right now, because it would have been for nothing if you carry on like this and then disappoint her now” Tori scolded, “But it is just so painful Tori” “I know I am hurting too okay, but you don’t see me breaking down, I am rooting for you, Nuru and I even Gram-mii in her unconscious state, so go out there boy and make the Ajayis’ proud” Tori went on, “thanks Tori I appreciate this” TJ replied hugging Tori, “Now go out there and stop acting like a sissy boy, comeback with the best news, I only want to hear one news and you better don’t come out without it TJ” Tori said, TJ smiled a little and headed for the show room. When he was gone Nuru said “That was a nice speech love”, “thanks dear” Tori replied, “You sure can wake a man from his sleeping state if he slacks”, “You know this. This should warn you never to slack with me, I will put you back on track even if I have to drag you back on those tracks” “Aye Aye Captain don’t be angry General” Nuru replied and they smiled at each other, “Thanks Nuru for being there” Tori said, “You are welcome love” Nuru replied as he pulled her closed in a warm hug.

The groups got on the stage and the Judges where looking ready and sharp, but TJ cut a distraught figure, before the cameras started rolling Kunle Kenny had to ask him, “Is everything alright boy?” “I will be fine, Just my Gram-mii in the hospital and all” came the reply, “We all have one family issue or the other deal with it” Jemi said, “Shut up already Jeez Jemi” Ovie cut in, after a while Kenny replied, “It is well young man, your Gram-mii will be alright you just cheer up and be strong and do what you have to do”, “Thanks Kenny it means a lot”.

The Camera’s started rolling and the show started, the remaining groups sang and when it came to the time of the Green team, Ovie took the lead and told the Judges the song that would be sung “You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone” by the country duo of Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn and made popular by the movie Pitch Perfect. “Nice choice of song, the stage is yours take it away” Sade said. The team started singing and when it came to TJ’s part he totally forgot is part of the song, and went off-key. At the end everyone in the room felt disappointed and Jemi the most hit, visibly angry at TJ. When they went backstage she unleashed on him “You where cramp out there, if you knew you couldn’t handle the spotlight why bother coming out” she barked, “I am sorry, I have just been overwhelmed this past few days” TJ replied, “Oh please save it, we would be lucky if we were saved at all and it is all your fault, this chance is all some of us got and you just blew that chance away, just go and never return boy” Jemi continued, “That is enough young lady, just stop it okay, the deed has been done let us hope for the best and move on from this, setbacks are not the end of the world, if you learn from it and try again they become setup for a better comeback” Ovie cut in, “You know this” chipped in Chidi, “Whatever!!!” Jemi replied and walked off. “I am sorry guys for letting you down, I hope this is not the end of the road for us all, but let me say it has been an honor working with all of you and I hope we can be friends outside this place” TJ apologized. “It is fine TJ, you have one of the best voices I have heard in years, don’t let anything or anyone pull you down or take away your voice okay” Ovie replied and gave TJ a hug.

The green Group and the Red Group where up for eviction and the Judges and audience could save one each out of eight, it was a bad day all round. TJ went out and broke the news to Tori and Nuru and everyone went home sober and dejected. The house was empty because Dr and Mrs Ajayi where still in the Hospital watching Gram-mii, everything felt empty and grey “we will be fine TJ”, “will we? Can you confirm we will?” TJ questioned, “Don’t be like that boy, I am too tired and worn out myself, I cannot be trying to drag myself out from being depressed and you along with me too, help me out here” Tori replied barely whispering, “I am sorry Tori thanks for everything, you are a wonderful person and I couldn’t have asked for a better sister” He hugged her and the tears began to flow.

Tori’ phone rang after a while, it was Nuru. “How are you bae?” “I am hanging in there”, “I am sorry dear, I wish I was there, wish there was something I could do” “You have done more than enough Nuru, thanks dear for everything” Tori replied…….. Nuru went quiet for a while, “what is wrong Nuru, I know that silence, what is going on?” Tori asked, a little alarmed, “I am travelling” “Nothing is wrong with that. Where to Nuru?” “I mean I am travelling out of the country to be with my parents and I don’t think I will be coming back”…..

WATCH OUT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE OF HOME!!!! So much bad news, is there any sunrise in this darkest night?!!

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