Dare To Dream…

stephen curry

So today I woke up to a video on Stephen Curry, by the way the Golden state Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-0 in the series to win the NBA finals, this was after last year’s defeat and incredible comeback by the Lebron James led Cavaliers. This year was the year of the Warriors and they did not disappoint going unbeaten while at it. But that is not my point of discussion today As I heard the speech and how he was always the little guy but did not allow his size get to him and how he had to go through three months of reconstructive training to get to where he is now, that to me was passion and persistence and determination, and he said something in his closing speech that inspired this writeup, always try to be the best version of you, stay humble.

These ladies and gentlemen is my charge for today, in this time and age of uncertainty, of chaos, of recession and all, it is really hard pursuing your dream and utilizing your talent, when all you want to do is find your next meal, but people it is time to dare to dream, it is time you pursue that dream and act on it, would it be hard? I am not here to sweet coat it YES!!! Would there be times you would feel like giving up? YES!!! Would there be times when it seems the world would be against you and obstacles would emerge? YES!!! But would it be all worth it? YES!!! You heard me right your gift and goals if you are truly passionate about it would let you sit before kings and not ordinary men. People it is time to dust those boots, those pens, those drawing pads and start all over, it is time you invest in your dreams, take that course, go for that training and achieve greatness. We are all born with greatness in the inside of us, but very few tap into it. I would mention notable names to drive home my point.

Anthony Joshua the World Heavyweight Champion in Boxing, few years was caught doing something illegal and when he eventually did try to follow his dream, his own country rejected him that he was not good enough, but that did not make him relent and now he is recognised by the world because he never stopped believing, fighting and daring.


The news of Kechi Okwuchi’s singing prowess in America’s got Talent; one of two Sosoliso airplane crash suvivors in Nigeria recently went viral. To be honest the ill-fated accident was one many wanted to forget in Nigeria and we had heard little or nothing about the survivor until then, at least for most of us, she said Music (Her gift) was the only thing that kept her going, through all the surgeries and pain, she kept on singing, kept on utilising her gift, she didn’t allow the obstacles, the pain and life’s somewhat disadvantage get to her and now she is celebrated all around because she dared to dream when she could have sought pity. What is your excuse people?

social prefect


The Social Prefect Tour is another young lady doing amazing things in the Tourism industry, I am proud to say I worked with her briefly, she did not allow the 9-5 Job stop her from pursuing her dreams and even when obstacles and storms raged she kept doing what she believed in, and now she is beginning to get the recognition she truly deserved. She had the dream and passion, dared to dream, went for it and now she is being celebrated.


And finally every Nigerian at this point knows about the #HalleluyahChallenge by Nathaniel Bassey, yes it was inspired by God, but I wondered if he felt it was going to catch this much fire in the hearts of many, maybe he did as a man of God but he dared to follow through and now it is changing lives because he didn’t keep it to himself but harnessed his God-given gift and we all are better for it.

I have taken up writing and my blog seriously this year, even though it has been tough, sometimes I feel like it is not worth it, but the lives of this people are inspirations to me and I would always look back on this post whenever I feel that desire to quit, because if this people had quit when the going was tough we wouldn’t be celebrating them now.

I am as encouraged as any of you today and I would not quit even if it is because of one person, I would not and you shouldn’t because trust me, whether you see it or not someones life is being affected by you and you can decide if it would be a positive one or a negative one…. Stay Winning  *drops Mic*

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