Lagos Happening III

Memoir of the proud beggar


So this beautiful weekend, after such a long week, I, Obaz had time for a little “me time”, there was no wedding, no church program, no hanging out with friends, or going on a family visit. It was one of those rare weekends you just spend with the bae.

So bae came over and we started to discuss where we would go to for the Saturday since there was no park we could just sit down and gist in Egbeda like we see it in the movies abroad. The thing just tire me, if you want to take your bae out, you just have to spend, no wonder a colleague at work told me, “poor people don’t have money to be going out, so they stay indoors and just impregnate themselves anyhow” I had to laugh thinking about it as I shared this information with bae. Anyways I Obaz has a sharp guy decided we would just look for a very quiet not so exposed area and stay in the car and chill, at least that would serve as our own park and we wouldn’t have to pay, so we decided to head towards Unity estate with some interior places for hanging out. My Peugeot would serve as the seats and we will just get a drink and gist in the car jare since we did not want to stay indoors and act the poor man role, and we did not want to go out with all the recession and form only for us to come back and soak garri LMAO!!!

I have digressed from the point don’t be angry, I get carried away sha with this lagos and its palava sha lol. So has we were sipping our cold Zobo from Kari-matz and taking it with Hobnob chocolate biscuit (choi just three inside for N50, what is this world turning into), that is how the most amazing thing happened, this guy looking all haggard and unkempt came along, I took pity on him immediately noticing how hard the economy had become, forgetting I couldn’t afford to buy 5 alive and stock with Zobo instead, but bae just seemed to feel this guy was not it and told me not to give him anything, but the Christ-like nature in me rebelled, though I forgot my discerning spirit at home to be honest, why you may ask? Read on and find out…..

So the man approached and I wind up the glass of bae up, you cannot be too sure this days with the rate of stealing due to recession and bae looked like halfcast so they might also want to kidnap her LoL. I also made sure the central lock was activated. The man came and then I got my cash ready and stretch out my hand to give him (my first error mo lo be, I was too forward lol), that is how the guy started to talk oooo, oyinbo speaking unkempt niccur “Oh please I don’t need your money, what do you take me for,I am not a begger gentleman, just come down and get me food that is all” and in my mind I be like, “did I hear this guy correctly, I Obaz should come down walk to where ever they are selling food for you, leave bae in the car and get you food after rejecting the same money you can go get the food yourself” while this thought played through my mind, my mouth was opened, Bae had to bring me back to reality and told me he is still waiting, the man said again, “are you coming down or what?”, and this was the most unbelievable thing ever, I just turned on the car and swiftly drove off with bae, I did not hear the last of it cause bae made sure she rubbed it in very well LMAO!!! Some people got rights on your money sha, he had two hands and legs and was very proud in his begging, he was not a beggar truly, at least he called me gentleman.. What do you think of this man my people Yay or Nay?!!! Wonders shall never end in my Lagos…..

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  1. I want to say I’m shocked…… But the situation of this country has brought a new side out of people that is just unfathomable…..

    Call me unchristian….. But I just deliberately ignore most beggars……

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