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So last week I could not write on the series Home, due to my birthday and yes it was amazing!!! But today we continue from where we left off. Speaking of Birthdays, Happy birthday Karimat and Natalie, God bless you both. Back to the story….

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“Rotimi, you are my son and I am not going to teach you how to run your family but you have to listen to me, Let the boy pursue his dream, who says he cannot sing and school at the same time” Gram-mii lashed out, “Maami you have to stop undermining my authority in this house, what they did is totally wrong and if I catch that person that pulled that prank on me”, “Prank?! Rotimi you call that a prank” Gram-mii cut in and laughed, “It was no prank, it was my perfectly drafted plan to get you out of the house and get Babatunde to the show”, “Maami!!!” “Oh please you act like you are one saint, I know the many pranks you played yourself as a child, I turned a blind eye to most of them, you think I was not aware when you brought a girl to the house” “Maami!! My wife is here and my children, stop already!” Dr. Ajayi cut in, “Kids go to your room, and know this, your punishment has been extended!” Tori and TJ took the stairs to their room.

“Now that the kids are out-of-the-way, we can talk like adults” Gram-mii finally said, “Maami I seriously don’t like all this stunts you are pulling” Dr Ajayi replied, “I am not a magician, I don’t do stunts omo mii”, “Maami I am serious, you have to stop this now or else…..”, “Or else what? Eeeeeh or else what Rotimi, now you want to threaten your own mother, you better know I carried you for nine months and you sucked this breast of mine, you are now a man abi, mo ti gbo, I will leave your house this night. You have hurt me and this is just the height” Gram-mii cut in, “You both have to stop this very minute, I have been quiet for too long, Rotimi apologize to your mother, you have cross the line” Mrs Ajayi angrily cut in. A few minutes passed, “Rotimi I am waiting for you” Mrs Ajayi said, “Sigh… Maami I am sorry, I did not mean to overstep my boundary” Dr. Ajayi grumbled. “I have had enough of you going on and on about this Rotimi, I love and respect you but TJ is also my son and the last time I checked this decision should be a collective thing not just you vetoing this” “Oshey Bukola Iyawo wa to sure, so fu” Gram-mii added, “I have kept something away from you this many years and maybe you need to hear it now. I use to sing” Mrs Ajayi continued. “Yes I know you sing, you sang in the church and your voice is angelic, I know that now Bukky”, “I don’t mean that Doctor, I mean I use to sing professionally, I was even signed up to a record label”, “What!!! How come you never told me?!” Dr. Ajayi replied, visibly stunned, “because I told her not to” Gram-mii interrupted, “You are in on this too Gram-mii?” Dr. Ajayi said facing Gram-mii, “Am I not in on everything, I thought you already knew that. You need to learn the Ajayi ladies are unique, anyways let our wife continue”, “Thank you Mummy, Rotimi you married a singer and I have not left you, I have loved and cared for you and given you two beautiful children, so what if your dad turned out wrong, did I turn out the same way, so why do you think TJ would turn out like your father? This kids were given to us from the Lord, our job is to guide them and harness their gifts properly not break their dreams and hinder them from tapping into their gift. Rotimi let the boy be and I mean it!” “Whao!! Darling you must be really angry, you have called me by my name severally… I am sorry dear but you know…….” “No buts, just let it go, let it all go Rotimi” Mrs Ajayi replied, “I am sorry darling I just cannot” Dr Ajayi replied and left for his room. “Ma binu si Omo mii, he will come around, he is as stubborn as his dad”, “I am tired mummy, he is not flexible at all”, “don’t worry he will come around” Gram-mii replied.


Tori’s phone rings “Hello bae, how are you doing?” “I am fine Nuru, what is going on?” “I am at your gate I was hoping we could go somewhere and grab something to eat”, “Errrrr I would have loved to but we are kinda under punishment”, “at TJ’s expense shey?” “You know this dear, a small price to pay for going against dad, trust me, I thought I would have been on my way to the convent already” Tori replied, this made both of them laugh, “The heights of your sarcasm though, it is not here”, “I know, I am not the queen for nothing, you don’t mess with the queen bee, you get stung” “Yes young lady, and I don’t want to get stung by you love”, “You will spend all your days telling the story if you try me” Tori replied. “But really is there not a chance you can come down and we talk just for a little while we don’t need to leave your estate babe” Nuru inquired, hoping she would change her mind, “Errrrrr… I don’t usually do this but I am the rebel and which rebel would I be if I cannot bend the rules just a little bit”, “just a little?” Nuru asked mockingly, “Young man I can still change my mind don’t test me”, “I am sorry your royal awesomeness”, “that is better I am on my way” Tori replied.

They drove to a quiet side of the estate and then Nuru stopped the car and faced Tori, “I really do care about you Tori, so much sometimes it aches, this past few weeks as been amazing and I just don’t want to be in the friend zone watching from outside in, I want to be a part of your world, your family, your life”, “I don’t understand what you are getting at Nuru, you already know everybody in my house, maybe almost everybody and you have been a part of our lives somewhat this past few weeks, so what exactly are you driving at young man” Tori replied, looking puzzled. “Tori, you know what I mean, I know you are trying really hard to make this difficult for me” Nuru answered, “then break it down to a simpler form that I can understand dear” Tori replied with a chuckle, “Sarcasm Tori”, “sorry I cannot help it, comes with the total package love” Tori replied, “anyways what I am trying to say is this, I am in love with you and I want a relationship with you Toriola Ajayi, I want to be your man and I want it to lead to something really serious, maybe even marriage”, “hold up! Hold up!! Hold all the way up!!! Firstly it is Tori and the whole marriage thing is way too far in the future, I have not even considered your proposal and you are headed to the altar already, chill bro” Tori cut in, “I am sorry, I guess I was carried away” Nuru replied feeling dejected, “Why the look brother, you giving up so early at the first try?” “well I don’t know, you are sending mix signals” Nuru replied, “I am a lady that is what we do bro, your job is to figure out the real signal from the false one, you watch Naruto and you know it is hard to differentiate the shadow ones from the original, and if you want the heart of an Ajayi you have to find out which is which” Tori said, “Goosh Tori!! Just tell me if I got a chance or not” Nuru said frustrated already, Tori laughed at his frustration, “I am sorry this is not a joke, but you look like a sweet lost puppy with that face and just so you know if you didn’t have a chance I wouldn’t have broken my dad’s rule to be here in your car alone with you, that should be enough clue dumb dumb” they both laugh, “You such a naughty and wicked person” Nuru said with a grin on his face, “I know that is why you love me so much” Tori replied, “so I take it has a yes?” Nuru asked, “You are lucky I am in one of my great moods, if not I would have made this really hard for you” Tori replied, hitting him on the shoulder lightly, “….So……” “So it is a yes damn it, goosh!!! You are one tough customer Mr Nu”, “I try, you are my mentor in the game love, I just try” “Well you better pick up fast love, my train waits for no man”, “trust me I am moving in my Bugatti, I will be always on time”, “Oshey!! Fast and furious, grand style I am loving your style” they both laugh, while Nuru plants a soft kiss which caught Tori unawares, she blushed and was left speechless, “I guess I got the great Tori all speechless, amazing” Nuru whispered, “you did good love” Tori replied. Nuru turned on the car and headed for the Ajayi compound.



“Are we going against dad’s instructions again Gram-mii?” Tori asked, “Like we have a choice in the matter sigh” Gram-mii replied slowly, “Is everything alright Gram-mii you seem tired, “oshey Toriola omo mii, I am not getting any younger now, don’t worry about my aging bones I will be alright. Have you called Nuru?” Gram-mii replied, “Yes Gram-mii, he is outside waiting, If you cannot make it, you can sit this one out though Gram-mii” Tori replied a little worried, “awwwh she does not correct her full name and she shows emotion, I am speechless, my Toriola is fast growing up or is it because of that guy” Gram-mii winked, “Grams!!! It is Tori and just stop already jeez!!!” came the reply from Tori “Always know the right buttons to press, you are very easy to catch sha lol” Gram-mii mocked, “e fimile joor” “My Toriola speaks her language, I thought I would never live to see this day” Gram-mii starts to dance, “oooooh let us go Gram-mii, TJ would be downstairs waiting” “Ok my daughter I am right behind you, no rushing from my part”.

On getting to the venue, they were just in time to see the other contestants enter for the competition, TJ hugs everyone, “thanks guys, I wouldn’t have done any of this without you, you are all amazing” TJ said, “and you are an amazing boy with a gift so amazing it can bless the world, so go in there and make the Ajayi name proud” Gram-mii said, while TJ hugs her again before leaving for the stage.

Few minutes later as they head towards the waiting area, Tori notices Gram-mii sweating profusely, “Gram-mii is everything alright?”, “why? But I am fine” Gram-mii cut back, “Errrr… I doubt that, you are sweating profusely and the air conditioning is working just fine, it is not normal, are you sure Gram-mii?” Tori asked again a little worried now, and looking from Nuru to Gram-mii, “don’t worry your head omo mii, I will be fine, I am just so tired today I don’t know why” Gram-mii tries to give a smile, “I think you should sit down Gram-mii and relax” Nuru said, “thank you my son, God bless you and may your family…………….” All of a sudden Gram-mii passes out and hits the floor, there is panic everywhere “GRAM-MII NO! NO!! NO!!! WAKE UP GRAM-MII!!!”

P.S: What happens to our very dear and special Gram-mii? How would TJ fair in this round? It gets even more interesting from this point on…..Watch out next week for the amazing HOME SERIE.

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