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Before I start this piece let me apologise to Cara, a movie lover like me, I am a movie critic, I don’t just watch movies for the fun of it alone, I also critique the work. LOL.

So to the movie Sleepless, It was fast paced, if you blinked you would miss an important part of the movie which made it interesting just like John Wick 2, the fighting scenes where believable, I give them a thumbs up for that but after that I begin to have many issues with the movie. It was way too predictable, I see Jamie Fox and he is the good guy all well and good, I see TI and automatically without even going further I know he is the bad guy and yes they didn’t even try to make that unpredictable, it is not every time TI should play the bad guy like seriously, and then we got loads of bad cops in the department, my prediction about the girls partner was right once again… Anyone who follows Police movies and some of them going rogue could actually figure that one out, It was as easy as ABC which made the storyline very weak.

And so the rogue detective got the bag of cocaine and did not call the guy he was working for immediately to inform him to meet him up outside the Casino, which again got me wondering.

Let’s move over to Jamie Fox for a little while, got stabbed at his side probably close to the liver or something, if my Biology is right, and some parts he visibly shows he is in a lot of pain which is great acting and other times, he makes us forget he ever got stabbed then goes back into great acting and reminds us the audience about the stab wound. I know a lot about adrenaline and all, but how many hours does the rush last for before fatigue truly sets in, and we don’t see him taking anything to push up his energy level, he should have probably even died or passed out from bleeding but oh well who am I to judge right?

There where good parts again I would say, like the fast and furious or is it Transporter kind of driving, a director probably wants to relive his Furious franchise fantasy maybe and the car scene with the rogue Police getting the car to turn over after shooting everyone was pretty smart after all.

The end showed us there might be a part 2 or a room for a part 2, most Hollywood movie seem to be following this trend now, leaving room for a sequel but my candid opinion they should ditch any plans for a part 2, it would not serve anybody right I am sorry to say.

Finally to my ratings I will give it a two star out of a five, which is me being nice to be honest….sleepless-share

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