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This is a very sensitive issue but one we must not shy away from like my friend said. During the weekend while I was celebrating a landmark, coincidentally it also happened to be the birthday of the said person on Facebook, this bright mind and I had a constructive discussion and I am pleased to have had that conversation with her.

Let me start by saying Love covers a multitude of sin, and forgiveness, true forgiveness is the only way to lasting peace. Unfortunately this two things are lacking in our world, no wonder fighting, kidnapping, killings and bombings persist but I will not relent in letting all know the way forward, is to love one another, see each other as equals and forgive the past totally.

The story of the Civil war in Nigeria is one that would forever live in the history of Nigerians, The Igbos seemed to want to fight for independence and it got bloody, I would not go into details, but one thing I heard repeatedly from both sides of the war, is that they prayed never ever for it to happen again, A friends mum had a branch go through her body, she was lucky to survive, her brother was almost taken away due to kwashiorkor which was rampant and the number of death was alarming.  Friends turned enemy cutting across the divide and though many did not want to fight but they had to. It was an avoidable tragedy and one they prayed would not happen again in Nigeria.

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Fast forward over 50 years or so, and the agitation for Biafra is back and some objective questions need to be asked? So I asked this friend of mine, why do they really want Independence from Nigeria? She replied, because they have been oppressed and feel they have not been treated well to which I replied, what would we say about the Niger Deltans whose land have been used and wasted to feed the whole nation, shouldn’t they also feel aggrieved and want to leave, or the TIV from Benue state who are constantly under attacks or the yorubas who have had their own fair share of maltreatment. If for every grievance we decide to want to break up would it be wise I asked? And while I write this piece, Lagos came to mind, the success story of Lagos cannot be attributed to one tribe, but a collective effort of all Nigerians, Yes all Nigerians. Lagos threw out the door the stereotypic mentality of only indigenes can rule or should be in certain positions and got the best of minds and intellect regardless of tribe, religion or whatever and there in built an empire, shouldn’t we be aiming for that in Nigeria as a whole? It goes to show there is power in Unity of diversity. It means together we can do it better than when we stand alone.

I also tackled that, would we not end up like South Sudan, if this is allowed to take place, she had a valid reply for that. Singapore broke out from Malaysia and they are doing extremely well which I totally agree to, but can we say the motives of this leaders vocally agitating for this secession are noble, just and fair? Can we beat our chest and say this isn’t because of a selfish interest or greed to have power? Can we honestly say with all the violent induced statement of Kanu that such a man can lead a people aright? People like Gadhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jnr never used violence to achieve anything, they always chose the path of peace, no wonder their names forever is printed in the sands of time. Can we honestly say this is the intention of the leaders agitating for a sovereign state? She raised another valid point about him not being the only one wanting this to happen, which is true, but every aggrieved persons or people always need a leader, he has made himself the self-appointed leader for this course, is he somebody that can be trusted to help a set of people in doing what is right or just going to cause more harm?

She was of the opinion let us give them what they want and whatever happens then, is their business, but I feel there is a better way, we are all a part of this country at least for now, and it is our God-given responsibility to make this country work. If we are not accountable for the Governors we elect, the local government chairmen we elect, the councillors and Senators from our states, how would we make a new country work? If we cannot stop corruption, cannot make this men accountable that are from our very own states, our kinsmen, do you think a sovereign state would take that all away? This developed countries did not get developed by wishing all their problems away, the people actively got involved in making the country work. Let us stop the lazy rhetoric’s of what has the country done for me, and let us start asking ourselves how have I contributed in making this country great?

It is time to wake up from our slumber, Giant of Africa and take our rightful position. Secession is not the answer, neither is infighting nor resulting in guerrilla wars to prove a point. It starts with holding one’s self accountable, holding the leadership accountable and doing more in the aspect of being patriotic in making the nation great again. It is hard but forgiveness is key, let the Youth of this dispensation most of who never saw the war, let the past be in the past, let us educate one another and do away with temporary gain, let us learn from the Chinese and use the natural and human resources the Lord has given us to make this country, our Nigeria, Mine and your Nigeria with diverse beautiful tribes United; work effectively.

I love you my Igbo brother, I love you my Hausa brother, my Tiv and Efik brother, my Egun and Warri brother, my Fulani and Kanuri sister, my Calabar sister and Yoruba brother… We are one and together we can make this work. God bless Nigeria and every Nigerian in it…

P.S Terrorism is evil for whatever reason; I stand with #Manchester, A City United… I stand with #London

Love will always win, No room for fear, Terrorism will never win.

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    • That is the prayer my brother….. I hope we can look inwards and do the needful, forget all our differences and give love a chance… T21


  1. Delicate topic here, but let’s delve a little into the anals of recent Nigerian history. But first of, let me state clearly that I think kanu is a mad man and violence gets you no where.
    However time after time the Nigerian state has made it clear that it only listens to violence, Dele giwa, ken saro wiwa to mention a few guys who tried diplomacy, see how they ended? Now look at BH, MEND and their cohorts, most recently kidnappers, billions of dollars and even juicy jobs to quieten ‘Boys’.
    Nothing says the breakup has to be a blood bath, Brexit has shown us very recently, it happens; not uhuru, but doable peacefully. The millitary mentality has not allowed us sit down and have a discussion as a nation.
    I hope the country remains one, but I think we should stop shouting down, incarcerating those who want to. Let’s discuss! But I know I’d get a date from Kerry Washington easier than for that to happen. Lol😆


    • Olivier Pope, i see what you did there lol… On a serious note sitting down and talking is a great idea, but my question is this, if we cannot even hold our LG chairman and governors accountable, this same people would still rule when this break ups happen and then we are back to square one, so my point is let us get governance right first and hold those we elected to serve us accountable, once that is done, if we are still willing to break up then i would perfectly understand. Finally I concur on Kanu… T21


    • nice one… Together we can achieve much more and very few bad people are the ones instigating for this so we would not be united to develop our great nation. I would go through your write up also… T21


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