Manchester United is Back

Manchester United are Back…


When the news of Mourinho being the next coach of Manchester united filtered in, I sat back and asked why? This was a man who just got kicked out by Chelsea few months back because he could not successfully defend the league he just won a season back, he picked up fights with everyone and anyone and left Chelsea in 10th position. Manchester United on the other hand where suffering in the league and in Europe after Fergusons era, Both entities where humiliated and humbled, so the marriage was one destined to hold because both Jose and United had one goal, going back to being the best in what they did.


The League also brought in an arrear of top coaches, Liverpool had Klopp, Manchester city went for Pep Guardiola, Arsenal stuck with Wenger, Chelsea got Conte and there was Pocchetino in Tottenham. It was going to be an uphill task even for the once special one. He went about doing his business in the transfer window by bringing in Ibrahimovic, Pogba, Bailly and Mhkitaryan to the club, quality additions.


Many called it a failure when he did not make top 4, but a league Cup, Community Shield and now the Europa league automatically taking United to the Champions league is not a failure if you ask me. For the mediocre players he met and being the first Manchester united Manager to win a trophy, scratch that, Trophies in his first season, it is a landmark. He said it during his first press conference, he is here to win trophies and he has delivered on his promise, he also had an unbeaten run which broke the old record set by Ferguson, even if it was laced with draws it was still an unbeaten run. The play also was encouraging, out went the traditional defensive play we have all come to know Mourinho for and in came the dynamic and enterprising attacking play, not overlooking the good defensive work that Mourinho is known for.

It was brutal, it was disappointing, the injuries kicked in, but now we are in the Uefa Champions league and Manchester United are reborn, Mourinho can bounce lighter again and we can hope for a greater season. In Mourinho’s words, he has given Ed Woodward his list of transfer target over two months back. So now just like Jose, we would sit back and see those big names come in to wear the RED color of UNITED and lead us back to our THRONE!!!.


Some players should be mentioned for this great feat; Anders Herrera, a wonderful Midfield Marshal that has helped Pogba in adapting to the Premiership and license to roam, I dare to say he is a better midfielder than Kante, stats don’t lie trust me. Ibrahimovic for a 35years old he did good with the 26 goals return that was just emphatic, please take a bow and now he has broken his European voodoo of not winning anything in Europe, it can only be in Manchester United, Eric Bailly also needs a mention a very solid defender and one to watch for many seasons in United colors, Antonio Valencia, he is just a bully.. a good bully lol. He was very solid throughout the whole campaign. Rashford for never giving up but showing Jose that he can be trusted with striking for United and bailing us out numerous times, Blind though left on the bench numerous times, still did is part when called upon, one of very few intelligent players ironically from Ajax, his slow speed is complimented by his positioning and intelligence to win the ball, he brings the certain calmness to the defence every time he plays and finally Fellaini, I am not his biggest fan but he played his part and did his best and sometimes won the game for us. BOYS!!! Take a bow you have earned it with all the crutches we can lift our heads high… There is only one United, Manchester United…

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