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P.S This episode is dedicated to my Mum, just found out you read the series (now I have to watch what I write lol). To every mother out there keep being the best mum you can be. I love you… we all love and appreciate you all even if we don’t get to say it often. *wink*

Dr. Ajayi was standing at the top of the stairs, he caught the three of them unawares and they were startled at his presence, Gram-mii quickly gained her composure and replied, “Can’t I take my grandchildren out again, na wa ooo Rotimi, you treat me like one of your children, se emi kan ni mo bi e( am I not the one that gave birth to you)”, Gram-mii scolded, looking remorseful Dr. Ajayi replied “I am sorry Maami, is not the way it sounds….not in front of the kids”, “oh!! You can scold me in front of the kids but I cannot scold you back abi” Gram-mii cut in, Tori and TJ shared a knowing look and grinned, “Kids go upstairs I will come see you later, Your Grandma and I have things to discuss” Dr Ajayi said, “To ba fe ri mii (if you want to see me) come to my room, and please give me time I want to spend another hour with my beautiful and wonderful grandchildren you have given me since you are all grown up now for your mother”, “Maami now, you know I love you much, don’t be like that” Dr Ajayi said smiling, “Hian!! I know your style fimile joor, you better leave me”. Gram-mii climbs the stairs with TJ and Tori and when she gets close to Dr Ajayi she gives me a glance “I love you too oko mii (my husband)” Gram-mii whispers.

“Nice one Gram-mii, attack is the best form of defence, I thought mum had told dad everything, choi the way he looked down from the stairs I feared the worse and I was ready to be sent to nun school” Tori said, “Not on my watch” Gram-mii replied, “Gehgeh men of the nights watch, Jon Gram-mii Snow” TJ said, “Game of thrones” Tori replied, “What are you two talking of, which game are we playing” Gram-mii looking confused, “It is a series, a movie series that we watch sigh” TJ replied, “Ok ooo I am pro-Nigerian, I watch Tinsel and The Johnsons pelu African Magic Yoruba, and now my favourite show would be Naija sings, hope we have it oooo” Gram-mii replied,  They all laugh, “Of cause we have it Gram-mii, Mama Nigeria” TJ replied, “Oshe Omo mii, thank you joor leave your sister let her be laughing there, I will show you Toriola you know you still owe me shey”, “Someone cannot play with you, is that how you use to do” Tori replied, “Kolewerk!!!” Gram-mii and TJ replied all laughing…


“Babatunde!!! Toriola!!! Come down here now!!” Dr AJayi’s voice could be heard from the living room, “Something is wrong Gram-mii” TJ said, his voice shaking, “Be a man joor, at least I will be there with you, let us go” Tori said, “I will be right behind you my children” Gram-mii put in. On getting to the living room, Dr Ajayi was backing them and facing the television, his hand was on the remote and his feet was tapping the ground, TJ and Tori knew he was angry, he only did that when he was really upset about something or someone as the case may be. They looked at the Television and knew immediately why their dad was angry, airing was Naija sing and he probably had seen TJ’s “I am dead Tori” TJ whispering, panicking, “If you were, you would not be standing right next to me you know” was the cold reply from Tori, “Well if I am not, I would be in the next few minutes”, “brace yourself, it would not be pretty, it would not be fun, it would not give you a soft landing but we will survive, just keep your head, we are already busted no need to argue” Tori replied.

“We are here dad” Tori spoke out, steadying herself for the onslaught, even her toughness could not get her out of this one, “who thought it wise to disobey me after I clearly warned Babatunde was not singing in this house?” Dr. Ajayi barked out, very angry at this point and still not facing them. There was silence… “I believe I am expecting an answer from an Ajayi and it is definitely not me because I am asking the questions here” Dr Ajayi retorted, “I was the one dad… I pushed TJ into doing it” Tori stepped forward, “young lady in as much as I admire you acting brave and sparing your brother, it doesn’t mean a thing, everyone would still get punished, so tell me again who influenced him or was this his action” Dr Ajayi cut in, now facing both of them, “I…..I….” TJ tried to say, but Tori cut in swiftly “I was the one, don’t try to be a man in this TJ. Dad I wanted him to sing, he deserves to sing and I expect you to see that, people can actually fulfil destiny singing and it is not a bad profession, not everyone can be doctors”, “Shut up!!! Would you keep quiet young lady, don’t even make it worse for yourself. I warned everyone that I did not want him singing and that is final, I don’t care about your ideologies and if the world is changing, no son of mine is joining that bandwagon. You both are grounded for three months and the only time I would see you step out of this house is going to school or Church, do I make myself clear”, “Yes sir!!” TJ and Tori answered, “One more thing, when is your next audition Babatunde”, “Its hmmmm…… next week Tuesday sir”, “Good I will take time off work and sit with you at home to make sure you don’t sneak out and sing, if no one in this house can follow my simple instruction then I will do the monitoring myself”, “but dad, why all this, don’t do this, don’t make him miserable” Tori cut back visibly angry now, “Young lady don’t test me”, “But dad it is just not fair, he has the talent he should follow it, it is a gift and it should not be buried but encouraged and channeled rightly that is what you taught us growing up, what changed now” Tori said, “Now you have done it, I would……..”, “Honey calm down…..kids go to your room, your dad and I have to talk” Mrs Ajayi stepped in just in time to stop Dr. Ajayi. Tori and TJ didn’t move an inch out of fear, “my babies, e gbo mummy yii (listen to your mum), go to your rooms, we the adults need to talk” Gram-mii also appeared on the scene. But still the kids where not sure, their eyes moved from their dad to Gram-mii. “You heard your mum and Gram-mii, you can go to your rooms” Dr Ajayi finally said, they both hurried along.

“I think it is time you told me what is truly wrong with you and people who sing, it is no longer just normal” Mrs Ajayi said, “Bukky please don’t even start, this is not the time or place” Dr Ajayi cut in, “Oh yes it is the time and this is the place, because your decision concerning your own son can either make him or mar him for life and I feel it is marring him because it looks like a personal vendetta” Mrs Ajayi replied, “Bukky I said not here, not in front of mum” Dr Ajayi fired back. “But omo mii I have to be here, we both know the reason, you don’t just want to say, you have kept it from everyone else, I alone know the truth but I think it is time you speak out and heal son” Gram-mii cut in, “What are you talking about Gram-mii” Dr Ajayi replied, “Mummy what is it” Mrs Ajayi asked, confused. “Would you say it Rotimi because if you wouldn’t, I will, I cannot see you continue to hurt or destroy the future of my grandchild because of your hurt, so what would it be?” Gram-mii inquired, “hmmmmm it is my dad honey, Maami is right, my dad was a singer, he went from town to town singing, he had the most amazing voice I had ever heard back then, but never took care of Maami or I, everywhere he went his name was on everyone’s lips and he was famous, but before the sun went down every single penny he had went into drinking, I was so upset and angry because we should have been in plenty but no we suffered. He was not always like that, he used to be sweet and kind and loving till he joined a band, he was influenced that much I could tell and we his family suffered for it. When mum could not cope with the constant travelling around with him, she had to settle and find work to take care of us since he would not. He visited, then his visits became less and less till we didn’t hear from him again. We don’t know where he is till this very moment and it was all because of this stupid singing. Like I said honey, none of my children is going down that path and that is final” Dr Ajayi finally opens up with his voice shaking and a tear dropping from his eyes, now Mrs Ajayi knew his past after all this years, it was sure going to be a mountain to climb, “But darling you…….” “Don’t Bukky, let it go” Dr Ajayi cut in, he stormed upstairs, leaving the place charged with emotions, till Gram-mii broke the silence that was so captivating “and that my dear is why my son would not go for it, but trust me, he opening up is the road to healing, we still have a whole lot of work to do, let him be for tonight, he has taken the first step, made the first move, it is our turn to return the favour”, “sigh… Okay Mummy. How would we do next week auditions though?” “Where there is a will there is a way Iyawo mii. Just watch and see, It is my game” Gram-mii replied winking.


The Following Week: TUESDAY


“Tori, I am going to be depressed if I don’t go for this, we are running late, dad has us cornered and he doesn’t look like leaving home” TJ said, “pull yourself together bro, the forces working for you are more than the forces against you, Gram-mii will come up with something don’t you worry” Tori replied, “You sure?!” “Have I ever lied about something so serious?” “Thanks sis” “don’t thank me just yet, just be hopeful”.

Dr Ajayi in the living room got an urgent call, “yes I am at home……. An emergency…..what of Doctor Okon and Ibrahim…….. I really needed this rest…. I am on my way…………very true every life is important and it is my duty…..”, he terminates the call. “Honey!!! I am off to the Hospital, it is an emergency, I am sorry I cannot spend time with the family today” Dr Ajayi told his wife in the kitchen before hitting the stairs to get his things. When he came back down, Mrs Ajayi replied, “but I thought it was our day today no honey?”, “I am sorry I will make it up to you. I am off”. After a couple of minutes Mrs Ajayi calls the kids, “TJ!! Tori!! Mummy!! It is time to go, please hurry”, “We are ready mum” came the reply from Tori, “I trust you, who is going to take you all because I have to be here to make sure, in case your dad comes back early”, “Nuru would, he is already outside waiting for us” came the reply from TJ, “who is Nuru?” Mrs Ajayi asked, “O ti Jasi, Nuru is our soon to be inlaw oooo” Gram-mii cut in, “Gram-mii!!!!” Tori screamed, “Kini!!!, what is it, what have I said that is too much now eeeh?” Gram-mii countered, “Never mind we need to be on our way” Tori replied. “Young lady we will have to sit down and discuss this young man when you return, capeesh?” “yes mum….sigh, can we go now people” Tori said.


“Young man, I remember you, you are the shy one” Sade said, everyone laughed in the room, “I think I am over that now Sade, you should see a different TJ now”, “Your confidence is captivating young man and you know I am your fan don’t disappoint” Kunle Kenny chipped in, “I will do my best, thank you” TJ replied, “So what song would you be singing for us today?” Cobhams asked, “Pray for me by Darey”, “why that particular song TJ” Cobhams inquired further, “because it speaks to me personally and I want the world to know that sometimes we have to follow our dreams no matter what people say, if you believe in you, then follow your dreams, put in the hard work and pray, you will succeed” TJ replied, “the stage is yours, show us your quality bro” Kenny finally said…….

“Woke up one Sunday morning, told my daddy I’m leaving home, I’m going off to the city tomorrow even though I don’t know where to go. Daddy said son, don’t be a fool, cos life in the city is unbelievable you could get broken oh!! You are just a little boy and you may never find your way. And I said I know I could get lost…… I know I could get broken…. Forgive me father but I got to take a chance and I’m already gone so just. Pray for me gbadura fun mii, pray I find my way, k’ori bamise….oh forgive me father but I got to take a chance oh I’m already gone so just……………………………………..”

After TJ finished, Sade felt all emotional and a tear or two had fallen off her eyes, it took Cobhams to break the silence “that is the most amazing voice I have heard yet, you nailed it son and you can only go up from here, excellent one TJ”, “thank you” TJ replied. “You are on to the next round TJ there is no need for any votes you blew our minds, connected with our hearts and took us on a journey, I am glad the others convinced me into giving you a chance you sure have earned it” Sade said all emotionally and still tear eyed.

TJ walked out to the embrace of his family, then Gram-mii’s phone rings….. “Mummy, Rotimi is around, I don’t know what to do” Mrs Ajayi said through the phone, “mo gbo ma worry (I am coming don’t worry)” Gram-mii replied, she knew this was make or break time.

Watch out for the next episode of HOME!!!

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