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King Arthur


King arthur

Finally I got the chance to watch the famous Arthur movie, mind you I was sceptical about the movie first because I had watched the series MERLIN, which was not bad at all and then I also had watched the very old makes of King Arthur both old and young and then the not so old reboots of this said king. So what was I to expect I wondered?

The first scene started at a fast pace which was something I needed to keep me interested. Bringing the sword to play and its potency worked like fine wine, better with age LoL. It was intriguing the fight scene also. The twist was when Arthur’s father had to die because of a revolt by his own brother and he had to be raised in the streets, he also had to learn to fight and make money for himself, now this is a twist I have not seen in any King Arthur Pentdragon movie or series and it kept me glued and I was asking for more. The fight sequence was amazing also from the first scene where his dad had to fight the sorcerer, to when he had to face his own brother, then when George was training Arthur on the streets, the first time Arthur used the Sword to fight and much more. The comic relieve with the English accent did it for me. After Kingsmen, English movies have been quite impressive and this did not disappoint (by the way not all but they are doing alright by all standard). Oh I love the accent if I do say so myself.

king arthur 2

The icing on the cake for me was when I saw my very own David Beckham, yes the footballer and one time player of Manchester United (I don’t care about the other clubs he played for lol) gracing the screen, this was mind-blowing, football meets movies an excellent concept and whoever thought of it should be given a thumbs up, a pat at the back and a few millions if you ask me.

The only downside I probably saw in the movie was Merlin sending a student (mage) to help Arthur, we all know that Merlin was the right hand of Arthur and they ruled together, so bringing someone to replace him didn’t do it for me but oh well they needed a twist, I cannot complain too much about that. By the way the Mage did good. Her acting was believable and that snake part intrigued me.

The lesson for me in the movie was simple; what is the point having power if you cannot enjoy it with those you love in peace, there is no other explanation than that. So folks don’t be so hungry for money and power you neglect those that really care about you, because after you do get them you may find out there is no fulfilment in it.

My ratings it is a four star out of five and a must watch for a movie that did not make my Top 10 for the year.

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  1. A wonderful movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it, I don’t know what the fuse with Piers Morgan was, Beckham did great.


  2. I really must see this movie this weekend…ur article alone made it juicy…i shoved it aside as one of d movies i am not gonna stress myself for..but knowing u well as a super movie critic…nobody dey drag am with u…i am gonna see d movie cos u said its


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