Last weekend was a busy one for me and no contrary to what you think I was not in any wedding neither was I present in Banky W and Adesua’s introduction lol. But the little time I got to sit down and relax, one topic kept disturbing me and yes it is the topic of marriage. We are already headed to another weekend and it means a lot of people walking down to the altar and saying I DO to the love of their heart, their sweetheart, their mon Cherie, BUT!!!

When did it all go bad for our generation? When did marriage become a do or die affair that people just marry any Tom, Dick or Harry all in the name of I want to get married soon, the pressure is too much, my mates are getting married, and my parents want to see their grandchildren. Are those points so important compared to being happy? When did we start taking people only on face value and not bothering to know what they are really made up of? Why do we think lying just to marry that girl would take you far? Why do we think stealing another person’s husband is key and karma would just let this one slide? Why?! Why?!! Why?!!! These are the questions I am asking my generation because it hurts to see many going in elaborately and before we can say Jack Sparrow they are out.

We grew up seeing our parents fighting for their marriages, going the extra mile to make it work, MIND YOU I DON’T SUPPORT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE but many of our generations don’t fight anymore, a small obstacle, a challenging period and that is it, we are done no longer compatible, let us just stay apart.

Money also have blinded most. With the age of social media, everyone wants the dream wedding and plan everything towards having it including the dream man, but never take out time to know the man or woman, know their temperaments, know how many kids they want to have or where they want to live or if their dreams align or complement each other. We have become so vain looking at what the other can do for us and forget that it is a two-way thing in marriage, what are we also bringing to the table?

I have so much to say but let me inhale deeply and exhale slowly… Done!…. Marriage is a sacred thing and it is forever till death do you part, don’t go into it for selfish or stupid reasons. Remember you owe it to yourself, your kids and your spouse to make it work, so choose wisely, plan prayerfully and fight for it when you make decisions. Look out for the signs and don’t ignore the tingling or warnings your heart gives to you. Do not be blinded by comfort and security and neglect the true character of the man or woman. Fight for your marriage, If Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva can do it, Mr and Mrs Akapo, Pat Utomi and wife can make it work just to mention a few who says it cannot work for you.

So It’s another weekend if you are not already preparing your suit and gown for your wedding tomorrow, then it is best you take a sit and check the real reason for marrying him or her, is it worth forever after and a day more or is it because of selfish reasons, societal pressure, cultural pressure and all. Happy Married Life to all those gracing the alters tomorrow, and NO I don’t have any wedding tomorrow, sleep got me LMAO!!! … Charles Puth playing on my headphones now with Only one call away, I wish you a great weekend.

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