Short Stories

Lagos happenings…

Memoir of a Lagos street hustler…


My name is Obaz and I am here to tell you about my adventures on the streets of Lagos, join me as I take you on the day-to-day happenings of life in Lagos and how the little things make a whole lot of difference in the mega city called Lagos.

On this faithful Monday Morning as I decided to go to work from the suburb area of Abule egba to Victoria Island, I noticed my tyre was down, I was tired and just wanted the week to end though it just started, the weekend was not so long because I just attended a Owambe party and yes I was duly invited not like I gate crashed. So I put water in my radiator, said a little prayer before turning the key, the car came to live, it seemed a very good day with just the sound of the car on, I checked both fans to also make sure that it worked, I was not about to be caught with an overheating in Lagos traffic on a Monday morning no way, I would prefer to go and enter Oscar’s bus, he was a deported Nigerian danfo driver that charged in excess of N50 and always passed one way to get to our destination. He was always fast and did not take any form of pride from his passengers, he didn’t care because he knew he would get you to your destination on time, so people took his insult and loud 2pac music just for the speed. Back to my story, my beautiful Peugeot was ready to go and asides the tyre which needed to be pumped back to size I was good to go and walking on sunshine, my office just paid and the moonwalk wasn’t out of place too.

Then I started hearing a sound on my way to the office, I knew it was that damn tyres back to haunt me “It is a Monday for crying out loud can everything just behave already!!”, I shouted out. I was the only one in the car so I was talking to myself, the sound became worse and as a Lagos sharp boy, I applied faith and hoped it would get me to the office but something kept telling me if I tried it, I was going to enter one chance. Then while I was worrying about it all my car started jerking, “what is all this and a Monday morning?!” I exclaimed, Fela’s song came to mind about Monday and Lagos not taking rubbish. Eventually I steered the vehicle to the side of the road, all worried and tired of life at that point. Some notorious boys popularly called agbero came and asked if they could help me but I had been in Lagos all my life to trust such set of people. I waved them away and waited till they dispersed before looking for a man who could fix the tyre and the jerking because the car had eventually stopped and would not start. So I decided to look for a mechanic, to my utmost joy I found one close by, and I approached him. I said hello on reaching him and there was no response and then he used his hands to make a sign language, that was epic my very first time experiencing such, so with the best of my abilities and no formal or informal education on sign language I told him I had car issues, we approached the car and I was sceptic about it all, you will not blame me at the time, he was not bothered though I could tell he read through me and could see my reluctance, but that did not deter him, he went expertly doing his business and even showed me I was driving a condemned tyre, amazing right, yes I was amazed too, I got a new tyre from the new salary with joy because I not only got lucky that the tyre did not blow up and cause a crash, I also learnt that there is ability in every disability. That is how this man with abilities saved me from a Monday gone wrong and didn’t say because of his physical challenge go the easy way of begging but empowered himself hereby being my Hero. Watch out for my next Lagos story….

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