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On the day of the match, Tori goes to TJ’s school to meet with TJ’s friends, “Hello Tori what brings you to our amazing school” Mark asked, looking lustfully at Tori, “young man I am old enough to be your aunty that look is so rude”, “Don’t mind him Tori, I always tell him that is not in any way gentlemanly” Folarin replies, “and that is why you will make a good Husband, you are all shades of husband material”, Tori replies, while Folarin blushes, “I may come out as rude to you Tori, but Folarin is not so different from me” Mark countered, “that may be true but he is sophisticated about it at least. Enough of all this children, I need a favour from you both and I don’t want TJ knowing about it, can I count on you?” “Oh Yes you can Tori” they both answered….. Everything was set for the big night.


The time rang at 4pm, the students all trooped towards the school field, it was one of those beautiful times to be in school and the school was in the final which was an extra incentive. Students gathered drinks and snacks, the home economics student had prepared enough snacks to sell, the team already started light work out from two and where in their dressing room, the opposing team where already in the school premises changing for the match for 5pm, parents also had started arriving with their invites to watch their kids play. The driver already brought Tori and Gram-mii to the venue and their eyes were fixed at the gate waiting for Dr and Mrs Ajayi to come, because that was the reason for the whole plan in the first place, “Gram-mii are you sure they are going to come like this?” “Toriola are you doubting me? Have I ever said something and not done it?” “It is Tori, don’t doubt you Gram-mii but we have put in too much effort for it to just go south”, “South?! South-west la wa now abi, or what are you referring to again Toriola tori Olohun?” “aaaaaah!! Gram-mii you can make someone hit their head on a wall, I don’t mean south in literal English, it is a figure of speech, meaning I hope the plan doesn’t get ruined if they don’t show”, “you should have said that before Toriola”, “it is Tori”, “Fimile, please I am still getting use to this speech of figure, just speak the plain English I know, and to answer your question they will come, I trust my son he will not let me down, and I trust your mother even more she will make sure he comes, she owes me”, “everyone seems to owe you Gram-mii, you are just a debt collector”, “yes ke it is better to be owed than to owe someone”, “Oshey baddest Gram-mii”, “Emi nooni loud it, don’t dull”.. They both laughed. “Let me go and meet TJ and break the news to him, he cannot back down now”, “O jo mii, you resemble me you this girl sometimes I am amazed at it”, “I am your better version Gram-mii” Tori replies and winks rising up to go, “There can be only one original” Gram-mii counters.

Tori goes into the changing room and tells one of the reserve players to call TJ. “Hey sis, what are you doing here?” TJ inquired after he steps out, “I came to see you” Tori replied, “But Tori this is the guy’s changing room, you want the guys laughing at me and saying I am being babysat by my sister”, “Oh come off it, no one cares, I particularly don’t, the reason I came here young man is simple, we had a bet about me organizing a gig for you and you singing where ever, remember?” “Yes I do Tori, but this is just wrong timing Tori I have an important game, can’t this wait till after the match I am trying to concentrate here and win my team the championship”, “You would do great trust me I have watched you enough times to tell”, “thanks for the vote of confidence but you are not one to do wrong timings sis, so what really is going on?”, “You are wise son, that is why you are my brother, now listen up I have come to collect, the gig is going to happen in this field this evening bro and you are going to sing your lungs out” “What!!” TJ exclaimed, are you kidding or high on something sis, if you did not hear me let me repeat myself I have a football match”, “Oh shut up! I heard it the first time, listen and let me finish. You would be singing before the match commences. The principal agreed for you to sing” “what?! Tori what did u do?! How can you do this to me, in front of the whole school”, “Is that not what you wanted?” “Well yes, but not this way I have not even rehearsed for it”, “The more spontaneous it is, the better, we can really see how good you are under pressure”, “Let me guess you invited mum and dad also yeah” TJ scuffed jokily, “You are damn sure I did” Tori answered as a matter of fact, “You are really not joking, are you.. I am done for”, “You wanted to sing, this is your chance, you better sing and impress because it took a lot to organize all this, it wouldn’t matter though I win the bet if you don’t.. Good luck bruv” Tori replies, turns and heads for the sits leaving TJ dumbfounded.

   Tori walked out and looked towards where Gram-mii was and could see her parents where just in time for the matching out of the boys. All the puzzles where put in place she thought to herself, “Good luck out there kiddo, you will need it” she whispers to no one in particular. She heads to her folks. “Mum, dad you made it”, “We wouldn’t have missed it for the world” Dr. Ajayi replied, “More like for Gram-mii” Tori replied winking at Gram-mii, “Com’on Tori cut your dad some slack you know he tries” Mrs Ajayi cut in, “I know, I know… At least you would be here to watch TJ do amazingly with his feet since you all prohibited him from using his voice”, “Enough of that young lady!!” Dr Ajayi cut in, “ma binu oko mii, don’t be angry with her o jire, you know she has reached the puberty stage, that rebellious time, you had yours too and I cut you enough rope” everyone giggles. The announcer’s voice interrupts them.


Tori crosses are finger and says a little prayer, this was really happening, she could not even look into her parents face, she kept a straight face and was determined to keep it throughout the match because a shocker was in the offing.


Mr Madu steps forward and takes the microphone, “Thank you very much and thank you parents, guardians, friends of the school, alumni, teachers, students and our invited guests from St. Finbarrs.. You are welcome to the final of the Local government match in our great school, as you know we support dedication, hard work and creativity. We also support our student pursuing their dreams and exhibiting their creative side and football is one such way they can express their selves, I would not want to bore you or take too much of your time that is why I would invite here someone with diverse talent, he is multitalented and he would be singing the national anthem with the schools anthem for us with the band, he is no other than our midfield maestro Tunde Ajayi. The different emotions was epic, TJ went cold on hearing his name, he could not believe he was just called out, so this was truly his sister’s plan. Dr and Mrs Ajayi could not believe their ears, they were between confused, angry and awed; Gram-mii had a slight smile on her face, she was not going to look at Tori but they could tell they enjoyed the drama, Tori was still stone faced, not betraying any emotions just her eyes danced with joy. Immediately TJ’s friends brought out the banners with his name on it and then the chant started “TJ! TJ!! TJ!!!” soon it began ringing all over the field, parents and student alike except the Ajayis’ though for understandable reasons.

TJ walked down and then took the microphone from the Principal, the chants became louder and fear gripped him, “it is now or never TJ, now or never” He thought to himself and then he entered the zone. TJ raised his hand up and everyone busted into clapping and shouting. “let us all rise up for the national anthem to honor our great nation, Nigeria” He said, immediately  the whole place went quiet after people rose up, “Band can you help me out here, lets hit it on a C….. Here goes. Arise o compatriot, Nigeria’s call obey, to serve our father’s Land with love and strength and faith, the Labour of our heroes past shall never be in vein, to serve with heart and might, One nation bound in freedom… Peace and Unity”.

Everyone was left spellbound, TJ looked around after singing but it looked like everyone was transfixed to where they were, he could see his family but could not exactly tell their reaction. Then all of a sudden the clapping started from Tori, he could tell and everyone joined in, and the chants started and the place went into a frenzy, he started breathing normal again. He was in seven heaven with the love he was receiving. He proceeded towards his family. While TJ approached still a little away, “you loved that didn’t you dad and mum” Tori asked, “He was good, really good” Mrs Ajayi replied with a drop of tear coming down, “I never knew he could sing so beautifully” she continued”, “Omo mii nii ye, he reminded me of your father” Gram-mii said cutting in and directing it to Dr. Ajayi, but he obviously wasn’t listening, his eyes where fixed on the approaching TJ. TJ finally came in with a smile and ignored everyone else and looked into the eyes of his father, both of them trying to mark their territory, finally Dr Ajayi spoke, “NO SON OF MINE WILL SING UNDER MY ROOF BOY” he said it calmly but the message was passed across…

Watch out for the next Episode of Home….

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  1. I am loving this, at least no those gaff of the national anthem 😂…. Dr Ajayi calm down life is not that hard biko


    • We will have to convince Dr. Ajayi at this rate cause the man doesn’t seem to agree with all of us oooo, why so adamant only God knows … T21


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