joshua 3

The new IBO World Heavyweight champion of the World, I am sure everyone already knows that by now and if you don’t know now you know. Three and the half years being a professional boxer, been in 19 fights and all knock outs with no loss.. He is the peoples champion, 90,000 spectators stood at the Wembley arena to errand a new dawn in boxing when he floored the mighty and at some point unstoppable Wladimir Klitschko who is 41 years old now, and though Britain may claim the Olympic gold medalist is theirs but we all know by that first name which he doesn’t always call out he is Nigerian true and true. Anthony or Joshua who many around would call him but to me Olufemi it is was downed in the 6th round by Klitschko and everyone thought it was game over but he dug deep and came back with an amazing knockout and the world stood up to such talent of a man just 27 years of age. I write this for all Nigerians and for all Africans that we are blessed beyond measure and if only our government can do more we can fulfill much more than we let on, In sports, in academics, in business, in entrepreneurship against all odds you see Nigerians doing great things, even in music the Afro pop genre is being wildly recognized and everyone is jumping on the band wagon. Joshua to you and Olufemi to me just reminded we Africans again that we are blessed beyond measure and if we just do the right things and stop being selfish we can achieve much more than any continent because truly we have much more than any continent especially human resources. I celebrate with Olufemi Joshua just like all our Nigerian artist did from 2Baba to DonJazzy and BankyW just to mention a few and though England would claim him, we know his routes are from Nigeria and we are truly proud of our own.

joshua 5

Before the fight Tyson Fury had been touting him all over social Media and this was the perfect reply to Fury and he made it clear to Fury, that he had given 90,000 fans a match and he was more than ready to give them another fight with Fury the baby and Fury who is very much outspoken and looking for a way to come back into the world of boxing replied “let’s dance”, are we ready to see another spectacle from two men that have beaten Klitschko, Fury by the Judge’s decision and Joshua by a Knockout, Hell yeah!!! But you can tell where my heart, head and spirit is at, Olufemi all the way the spirit of Africa is in you, if that fight happens please knock that loud talker’s mouth out lol.


This is a reminder you can be whatever you want to be, you just have to believe. Age is but a number, don’t look down on yourself, believe in you even when the world thinks you cannot, tell yourself you can and prove to the world you did. Even when there are temporary setbacks, a fall, dust yourself up, go again at it and fight like it is the last fight of your life, fight like your life depends on it and watch your problems, obstacles, opponent, that seemly unattainable dream bow before your feet and you raise your hand in victory then you realize it was all worth it because you never gave up. OLUFEMI ANTHONY JOSHUA HAS MADE HIS NAME, HE IS CHAMPION, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

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