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Fast and Furious 8


fast 8 2


So it took a while hitting the screen in West Africa, Nigeria but it was worth the wait. So after Fast 7 I was apprehensive because the whole Paul walker saga and death, the emotional thriller and the end to a character with that moving and chilling song from Charles Putin and Wiz Khalifa; it would take a lot to trump that. They, I can gladly tell y’all sceptics like me did not disappoint, they actually delivered in grand style.

fast 8 3

So Vin Diesel has Dom went rogue which was surprising because at first I did not know what the Charlize Theron (Cipher) had on him, he was his own man, and nothing could so handicap him in such a manner till we found out he had a son. That could be the only reason, a nice twist to the plot.

So the whole team against its leader, the Alpha male against its pack it was going to take something special to beat the alpha male that knew them all not forgetting the sentiments involved.

The Rock and Jason Statham as Ian renewing their rivalry was epic, that guy can fight and move to the beat, I love watching him fight lol, the Prison scene was amazing. Did I mention I am not buying an automated car, nobody is stealing my car for any selfish purpose of theirs because they can hack anything hackable LMAO. Vin Diesel also showed his ingenuity in getting the word out on where to track Cipher’s plane that was a smart move, considering they could fly anonymous and also had the god’s eye which could locate anyone and anything except the Cipher. Tyrese and Ludacris going at each other and their chitchat made it comical and not just total action, the soccer match with The Rock’s daughter and her team doing the New Zealand’s rugby dance before a match to breed fear in their opponent is pleasing to the eye and the last but not the least scene that got to me was the baby, that baby should win an Oscar already, I know! I know my love for babies, I am bias and I don’t care. With the headphones on, connected to music while the transporter dude fought, was just amazing. It made the right eye movements when asked who farted, giggled when asked if he was having fun. Just a happy child I must confess.

First lesson I took from the movie the Enemy of my enemy is my friend or maybe I team up with the lesser enemy kiss and make up to take down the common big enemy lol reminds me of a movie by Vin Diesel ironically in it, “Chronicles of Riddick”.

The Second lesson is, Family comes first no matter what, you have to look out for family, and family doesn’t only mean those that are closely knitted to you by blood but those that are willing to stay the whole ten yards with you, through it all, for better or worse, together for ever, we ride together kinda of people. Family is everything. So I score it a five-star out of five… Thank me later.

fast 8 1

If you have not watched it and I have not spoilt the movie for you already go watch it and tell me what y’all think *wink* and wait for it from reliable sources fast and furious 9 would be at the cinemas in 2019…. Wawu!!! Already booked that one down…. Next up Guardians of the Galaxy 2…..

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