Letter to Present me


45, Future Lane,

Years after,



The Present Self,


Present twenties Crescent,



Dear Present me,


This is I writing from your future, should I say our future to our present, How are you doing present me? Hope very good? I just thought I write this amazing letter to you from the future to give you a hint what to expect and what not to expect. So join me on this fun ride of discovery.

Firstly you worry too much, worrying does not take you anywhere just causing you much health issues, so you better cut that out it does not pay, Am I being harsh and blunt, well I know you more than you know yourself or better still I know what you would become, I am living it, so it is only fair to dish it out hot to you that’s how you would listen, but know it is out of love.

Secondly Hard work does not kill contrary to believes, work hard and work smart, because we both would be happy for it. You have allowed way too many opportunities pass you by because you were comfortable being in your comfort zone, I don’t blame you, I probably would have done the same thing but being in the future comes with its benefit, and one of it is knowing where those chances taken would have gotten you to and those you did not take led you nowhere. So take that risk, it would not kill you, Remember “No risk, No reward”.

Follow your dreams, also follow your heart, try to find the middle ground, what is a world filled with all the wealth and no love or no special person to share it with, or what is finding that wonderful love and not being fulfilled in life, you did that once or twice leading to me, Dude fix it!

Hey you, listen to this last one very carefully, spend time with family, friends and loved ones, they won’t be here forever, neither would you, every second counts, every moment is a memory that is priceless, their smiles, their tears, their worries, their victories, their numerous battles. Everyone of it try to be a part of it because LOVE is life.

Go out more often, meet new people, travel spontaneously, help a stranger, laugh loud and hard, do listen to what people think, follow your gut feeling and be happy.

With this few points I hope by the time you get to my point in your future, we would have it differently. I can’t wait to meet you, more me meet me lol. Bye for now

Yours sincerely,

Your Future Self.

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