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I know my love for babies is incorrigible, but they bring so much joy and happiness to the world and this piece is dedicated to this precious beings that illuminate every home. One day I hope to write about mine…. So if you have ever been a baby (haven’t we all lol), had your own baby, have a niece or nephew, held a friends baby in your arms or been a godmother or father; a grandmother or father then you will appreciate this piece. Danke!!!cute baby

Babies!! Those bundle of joy that bring a smile on our faces, those little earthlings that are so dependent on us adults, they are trusty, innocent and loving, they communicate with giggles, bright eyes, and sometimes loads of tears (maybe more for most), but you cannot but love them. Watching the miracle of a child growing and stretching out is just the most amazing thing you can ever dream of, cuddling and rocking them to sleep is another blessing that cannot be expressed in words, their first tooth or set of teeth for others, their first words and when they take on the adventure of trying to walk is just too much sometime to take in, Many lessons we can learn from this innocent little fellas, Like how they never give up on trying to walk or talk or even eat like you. How they can be so adventurous taking on new risk regardless of the Challenges, they never shy away from a challenge to climb something, to taste something, to build something and other times to destroy something Lol. They are teachable and are always willing to take in new information. Their Innocence is overwhelming also, you spank them a little or neglect them a little and they cry but once they are in your arms all is forgiven and the love shines through. They are trusting; they trust all especially their parents, they know no matter what they would always have their back and keep them save. They always find a reason to laugh which is contagious, because even after a long day just seeing them smile or laugh at you gives you the hope to climb mountains and cross rivers for them. Lastly their love is unconditional, the kind of love that is not born out of what they would get or selfish needs but the love is pure, it is true and it would stand the test of time.

african baby

We should take out time to learn from this wonderful beings and tap into our humanity and see the world through the eyes of a child because in them the basic ways to live can be learnt and re-learnt.

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