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The Holiday was a long one, but I am back doing that which I love doing and today would begin a series titled HOME… So please read and let me know your thoughts who knows you may guess right where the story is headed. The beauty about this series is we are going to be writing it as the story unfolds, so no input is wasted, so you and I are in it together lol…


home tobyland

Episode 1

A compound is shown overhead with a black gate, a certain man dressed smartly with the Jumia badge is with a parcel, rings the bell and waits while the gateman kazeem comes to attend to him, “Who is there?”, “I am a delivery associate of Jumia and I am here to drop of an item for a certain Toriola Ajayi” the DA says, “Wait let me go ask from madam inside” Kazeem replies, and goes into the main house. He meets with Grandma Ajayi, “Big mummy, someone is at the gate o! He says he has something for Tori”, “let the young man in, maybe he has come to ask for her hand in marriage” “huh, Big mummy but….” “But what please don’t chase away my son-inlaw ooo, do you know how long I have been waiting for someone to come marry her nii? Everyday her wahala is much sef” “Big mummy I don’t think it is…..” “Kazeem don’t let me fight with you ooo, bring in my son in-law to me before I report you to my son”, “don’t be angry big mummy I am on my way”. Kazeem invites the delivery associate in, and escorts him to the door of the house, where Grandma Ajayi is at hand to welcome him.

“Welcome my son, how are you doing”, “I am fine, thank you for having me. I am here to deliver an item for Toriola Ajayi”, “not so fast young man kilode, won’t you introduce yourself nii, at least let me know who this mysterious young chap is”, the DA does not know what is going on but continues with his job, “Apologies for that, my name is Tega, I work with Jumia and Tori has an item…..” “yes I got that the first time, an item you want to deliver” Grandma Ajayi cuts in, examining the guy closely, “you look like a good-looking young man and I like your confidence, so how long have you been dating my little girl”, The DA was taken aback with this, “dat…ing?!!!!”, “you thought I wouldn’t find out, I am old enough and I have seen enough time in this life, don’t worry it would remain our little secret” she said with the serious knowing eyes. The DA smiles sheepishly, “Pardon me for the mix-up, but I am just delivering an item for Toriola Ajayi, she ordered it online and it is my Job to deliver it”, Grandma turns red with embarrassment on hearing this then later laughs “I am so sorry young man, I guess no human can know it all after all”, “that I concur with you Mrs Ajayi” they both laugh, “if you would just sign here, while I drop the parcel over there. Please can you tell Toriola that I tried calling to no avail also” “I will pass your message across fine young man and I would also suggest she gives you a call” Grandma winks, Tega laughs and Grandma joins in the laugh. “Wouldn’t you sit and eat something, I am sure you must be famished, I prepared Amala with Efo riro and I am sure you would love it”, Tega smiles “thank you Grandma but I am absolutely fine and have other items to deliver”, “are you turning down an old beautiful damsel” Grandma replies with a pretentious sad face, “far from it I do such thing, I dare not I wouldn’t forgive myself if the thoughts even passed my mind”, they both laugh “flattering would take you far young man” “Thank you Mrs Ajayi for the hospitality, I should be on my way now” “wait wouldn’t I pay for the item or something”, “no need for that, she has already paid for it online, my job is to just deliver it” “Whao I never knew that, I would talk to Tori to explain better to me what this is all about. Jumia you called it shey?” “yes ma’am it is Jumia the largest e-commerce in Nigeria”, “Thank you Tega”. Tega is seen leaving the house.

Later that evening, In the Ajayi’s house….Toriola’s room. “Thank you for calling Jumia.com Favour speaking how may I assist you?” “Your delivery associate called me that he was going to deliver my item today and I have not received it, I am really trying to put myself under control and with a little push I will explode on you so choose your next words wisely”, “Okay ma’am is this the number you registered with?” “Yes” Tori answered with so much disgust, “Toriola…” “Call me Tori please, that name is too old school” “Pardon me for that, according to the records your item has been delivered actually and it was signed for by a certain Mrs Ayo Ajayi”, Toriola was shocked at the revelation and felt ashamed at the same time, after being so rude to the customer service agent, “are you still there Tori”, “I am so sorry Favour, I truly am, that is my grandma she must have forgotten she even received it” “it is nothing Tori dear, I am glad I could help and I am happy your item got to you the day we promised it would” “you guys rock, and I won’t forget this or forget you Favour, you are very matured and a wonderful person, thanks for not allowing me get to you”, “It’s cool Tori, you know what would be cooler getting this amazing purple matte lipstick for yourself, I got them on and it totally rocks and with the little I have come to know about you, I have a good hutch you would love it” “ you must be psyche favour, because that is my color and I am shocked you knew”, “well I wouldn’t take all the credit, probably a lucky guess but I am glad it is a right one” they both laugh. “I have to go off this call Favour oooo!! It is not free biko don’t come and finish my credit hian” “So you are just going to leave me just like that not fair” “order for the lipstick for me, and yes I am leaving you hian, if you love the convo so much, call me back now” they both laugh once again, “thank you for calling jumia.com Tori do have a splendid evening” Favour finally rounds up, “and you too Favour, and you too” Tori replies and hangs up the call.

Few minutes later… “Grandma!!!” Tori shouts, “nitori Olorun this girl sha, if it is not that my bones are too weak for all the stress I would have carried her on my laps and beaten her, even her father never tried this with me” Grandma whispers to herself, “Grandma!! Where are you?” Tori shouts again, “Where else would I be than the room my son, your father kept me eeeh? Or do you want to shout the roof down and me with it” grandma replies, Tori comes into view and as a stern face on, “Grandma why did you not tell me an item was brought in for me”, “I am guessing your manners also flew outside the window the way your dress would also if you don’t greet me” Grandma counters with a stern look, Tori taken aback quickly replies, “good evening ma”, Grandma claps her hands “You cannot even kneel down again, I have always said it someone should come and marry you already”, “this is my father’s house I am not leaving anytime soon Gram-mi” “and this is my son’s house also the last time I checked no child will give me hypertension”, “Oya I am sorry now Gram-mi but you did not tell me now”, “that’s because I forgot now.. Does that answer your question Toriola?” “call me Tori, it is way cooler Gram-mi don’t you want your sweet little girl to sound cool” “kini Tori eeeh, your name is Toriola you can never persuade me to call you otherwise even if you do the puppy face that would not work, Tori kan Orin ii” they both laugh. “So where is my dress that you have obviously opened and gone through every itch”, Grandma went all sheepish at the obvious truth, “well it is not my fault I stay indoor all day and have nothing to do and decide to take a look at what my fine little granddaughter got for herself”, “but it is intruding on my privacy” “oyinbo lo san” “what is that?” ”You are speaking English that is what it means, when your father won’t teach you Yoruba. This safely means when next you bring this stubborn stern look to me, I will get back at you in Yoruba and put on a smile and you won’t hear a word, how fun” “and I will take every Yoruba thing you say as a clapback” Tori replies, “what is a clapback omo mi”, Tori grins “feels good being the one to teach you gram-mi” “sha tell me, you win this battle but trust me not the war” “it means getting back at me”, “Ok oooo, by the way the cloth is too short” Grandma replies, “It is what is in vogue, it is fashion”, “it is too revealing, I don’t like it joor” Grandma replies folding her arms across her chest, “but it is alright to wear Oleku back in the days?” Tori counters, Grandma is left speechless with that comeback, “Oleku was way cooler and finer than this joor and not so revealing so don’t compare the two, Omo yi sha” “hian, grandma just admit I won this one also”, “all I know is I don’t like it and I am sure your parents won’t either” “please gram-mi you don’t need to tell them now”, “I will think about it”, doing a face, “what do you want me to do?” Tori poses the question, “a good breakfast every morning for the next seven days that’s the number of days in the returns timeline, so it is only ironic I use it” “that is just sly Gram-mi, you know I hate cooking” Tori replies with an angry face, “I know my darling Toriola the more reason I chose it my rebellious beautiful damsel” grandma winks and gives a sarcastic smile, “I will be back in this war Gram-mi, you can count on it” “and I will be waiting and be prepared my love, but for this battle I win, and starting tomorrow, breakfast in bed” Grandma laughs and leaves her room. “By the way Toriola the Delivery guy is so fine, I collected his number, you should totally call him” Tori opens her mouth, “this is totally unbelievable”.

Later that evening at dining table, the Ajayi’s gather together in their usual ritual to eat and later discuss the day.

“Lovely meal querida, it taste just excellent”, Dr Ajayi appreciating his wife, “thank you my sucre, I am glad you like it” Mrs Bukola Ajayi, “can you both now go upstairs and make me more grand children with all this name calling” Gram-mi counters, they all laugh, “I don’t need more siblings, TeeJay is enough trouble as it is” Tori cuts in, “Tori!! What did I teach you about manners and respecting your elders?” Dr Ajayi cut in, “leave the girl jire, don’t worry I am a match for her any day, any time” Gram-mi cuts in with the sarcasm and winks in the direction of Tori, “why do I have a feeling, Gram-mi has played a fast one on Tori again” Tee-jay cuts in, “oh please! Just shut up already” Tori replies, everyone else laughs, “enough of that you two” Dr Ajayi finally wields in, “so tell me how did your day go, anything interesting anyone wants to share with us, “Let me go first Oko mi, I saw this handsome young man who came to deliver something for my angel Toriola, I also got his number, I think he would make a good husband for my little angel” Gram-mi said, blushing all over and winking at Tori, “just great, you can ship me off to slavery while at it” Tori counters, “enough of that young lady, you know Gram-mi is just joking, come off it” Dr Ajayi counters, “Thank you my son, he mentioned online shopping I wonder what that is though?”, “I wonder myself, Tori I am sure this is your area of specialty can you shed more light for us?” Dr Ajayi replies, “I hate shopping online, if I cannot see it with my own eyes I don’t trust it, even if it’s through a screen” Mrs Ajayi cuts in, “sigh! Online shopping is makes shopping easier, more flexible and faster with less expense and less stress” Tori begins, “Go Tori, she’s in the zone now, this is where my sister shines in a million diamond!!” “Shut up!!!” was the chorus reply from everyone, “Oops, I am so sorry, zipping up now”, “Like I was saying before I was rudely interrupted” eyeing Tee Jay, “for example Jumia, you go to their website www.jumia.com.ng you check the various items from the different categories there is, pick up one of the items or more you would love, register in, put in your details and where you want it delivered to and chose either the Cash on Delivery option or the Pre-payment which are both safe and free and within days you get the items. Viola!! just like that at the comfort of your home with just your laptop, tablet or phones you can get whatever you want, it is that amazing”, “whoa!! That is truly amazing, I should try that someday” Dr. Ajayi replies, “It is not for me Sucre, I still maintain seeing it physically”, “Mum! You should embrace change and the 21st century innovations”, “change reminds me of a party in Nigeria” Gram-mi cuts in, everyone smiles “me sha ooo, I don’t still understand anything about it, maybe Tori when you are in one of your rare good moods you can show me?” Gram-mi continues, “yes sure, I will”, “Now that is surprising, Tori gives a yes without hesitation or irritation, this is a memory I will cherish to my dying days, I should sing a song for you Tori”, “No Tee Jay I am not interested in your serenades, save it for your numerous lady admirers”, “You don’t have to be  brutish every time you know” Tee Jay cuts in, “Tori he is right, take it easy it is not lady like in any sense. Anyways over to you my boy, what have you been up to?” “I registered for the singing competition dad, Nigeria sings and I am so excited” TeeJay replies visibly excited, “No way a son of mine is going into Music, forget that dream son, you better pick up your books and start getting set for JAMB, you are going to be a Doctor like your dad” Mrs Ajayi cuts in sharply with a stern look…..

To be continued in episode 2….

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    • lol… Dont worry it would explore common trends and all in Lagos, and you can get your products up too, maybe for a fee LMAO just kidding… T21


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