Short Stories

Love in the City


In the heart of city, the moon is full tonight, the stars are brightly hung all around the sky, but in the still of the night a voice is heard, a sweet tiny voice, Kemi’s voice can be heard “It is almost two days to Valentine, they say it is a time to show love and share love, but it is so cold in here and I know I should be grateful for the orphanage and all the good big mummies that take care of us but if only I can find a home where I can call my own, I don’t ask for too much but for a mum or dad to call me their daughter and I call them Mum and dad, that’s all I ask for” she speaks out, not to anyone in particular as the tears comes down her cheek, the words of Mummy Nneka comes to mind “Love always finds a way, even in the darkest of places and coldest of parts, In time love shines through”. This brings a little smile to Kemi’s face as she falls asleep.

….. Kemi set out the next day to get the groceries as she always does with a big smile and a cheerful heart, as she strolled down the street, singing her favourite song. After getting into the shop, the owner of the shop seemed blue, “Mr Abdul what seems to be the problem you don’t look so happy and it is almost that season of love”, “hmm, my dear Kemi, you are always an observant one, with a good heart, to be honest I don’t know if there is anything you can do, because James isn’t going to be around to help me today and I need somebody to assist, I am not getting any younger you know”, “but you know I can help out Mr Abdul, why am I here, all you would do is inform Mummy Nneka I will be here helping out all day”, “Oh God bless you child, you just made my day, may your act of kindness not go unrewarded”, He picks the phone and calls Mummy Nneka, who gives the go ahead.

At the end of the day Kemi heads for home, with Mr Abdul accompanying her because it was getting late, when they turned an alley, they could hear a groan, someone was in pain, “Mr Abdul let’s go take a look”, “my child lets go jare, it might be a trick to rob us”, the groan came again “I don’t think it is a trick, someone is in real pain and we need to help out sir”, “my daughter I strongly advice against it, even if we help him and he dies, I cannot write police statement ooo”, “Mr Abdul love is kind, love helps those in need of it, love shows care, isn’t it why we celebrate this season of love, shouldn’t it be the right thing, shouldn’t love always guide our actions to our fellow person”, “hmmm these are deep words for a small girl like you and I feel ashamed, because I have learnt and I have been reminded what true love should be about, thank you Kemi let us go help that stranger”, They ran into the alley and found a man beaten to a pulp and desperately fighting to breathe, he seemed to have been robbed and beaten badly and left for dead. “Mr Abdul carried him, while Kemi followed behind, they flagged down a keke napep and took him to a Hospital. On getting there, the Doctor asked for payment before treatment could commence, Mr Abdul looked worried, “I seem to have forgotten my purse at the shop, the only money with me was the one we used to pay the Keke man. Doctor can I go and bring the money while you commence treatment”, “unfortunately I may not, that is the hospital’s policy, and I don’t think he has much time, we may lose him if we don’t start treatment immediately” the Doctor replied, Kemi steps forward, “this is all the money I have saved up, it is small but I want you to save that man Doctor, please don’t let him die.. This is N5,000,  I would gladly give it for him to stay alive, he might have a wife, a little girl waiting for him to come home” and she started sobbing, the doctor was moved with so much emotion, he could not believe such compassion and selfless love could be shown by a little girl, it was contagious, “If only every human showed such kind of love, the world would be a better place. I will treat him and offset the bill young lady, you have won my heart and this would be my valentine gift to you”, Kemi jumped and brimmed with joy, “thank you Doctor you are the best”, she gave him a hug and Mr Abdul couldn’t hold back a drop of tear, “you are an amazing child Kemi”.

…. The following day mummy Nneka brought Kemi to the hospital with a basket of fruits for the man who was robbed, they met the Doctor who took them in to see the patient. As they went in, the man opened his eyes and gave a smile, “I heard you are the young girl that saved my life”, Kemi looked down, with a shy expression replied, “no sir, I had help from Mr Abdul who carried you, the Bestest Doctor who treated you from his own pocket and Mummy Nneka who helped me get the fruits” and then she looked up with a wide grin on her face. “you are amazing and humble at it, and I am left speechless by your kind gesture, I have been a very grumpy stingy and angry man up until today, I lost my wife and daughter to a drunk driver and he was never caught, it hurt me a whole lot and I took it out on everyone and anyone that came close, I became grumpy, never was willing to help anyone and angry with the world, but your gesture of kindness melted my bitterness and reminded me of my little girl, she would have wanted me to be a better man, and I want to do just that starting with today. It is Valentine, you could have been anywhere else but you chose to be here with an undeserving man, I did my finding on you and I found out you live in an orphanage, if it’s not a bother and if you would take up the offer of a grumpy old but changed man, I would like to adopt you as my daughter, Kemi. I own half the town and with you by my side you can teach me a thing or two about love and how to show it to people all around us, so what say you Kemi?” Kemi closed her eyes tightly and said in her mind THANK YOU, with tears running down her eyes she said YES and laughed hard, everyone joined in the laugh and they started clapping…. THE END…

Show love this season…. Happy Easter!!!

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  1. Another amazing story, can you give us a series, something to look forward to every day or week.. I love it… You and love sha


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