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beauty and the beast

Tales as old as time, song as old as rhyme, barely even friends, then somebody cares unexpectedly. Just a little CHANGE, small to say the LEAST, both a little scared, neither one prepared, Beauty and the Beast. Finding you can change, learning you were wrong, certain as the sun, rising in the east, tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. As I listen to the lyrics of the song, they speak volume.

The role of Bella as beauty was amazing, she took a chance to show love to an undeserving beast, to focus more on the inner attributes than the physical. To make the sacrifice, the ultimate LOVE sacrifice for her father, for a beast, for a castle enchanted and for a kingdom. Beast on the other hand though aggressive showed a little kindness. The beauty of Bella gave him the courage to make a little change, though both where a little scared of the strengths of each other, they took a chance and complimented each other. Neither of them prepared but the outcome was amazing, a beauty and a beast it started off as, a prince and princess it beautifully evolved to.

beauty and the beast

From a pompous and selfish beast to a strong and selfless Beast, from one that loved only his looks, to one that sacrificed for the one he truly loved, from being helpless inside, to growing and exercising his mind, body and spirit into the true act of LOVE and Bella from a plain daughter of just another average citizen who loved her father dearly, to one who extended her love selflessly to all, radiating her beauty out and transforming into a heroine, a Princess a true Beauty.

beauty and the beast2

In the modern era my Beauty would be made From a plain Bella, with a little touch of make up like the elf, Marykay; *Wink* A SMILE and a HEART of LOVE… All transformed to a modern BEAUTY and for a ball dance which is evergreen even in this era, to light up the room a Dorothy Perkins, NEXT, DMG would match with those make up collections. The perfect BEAST transformed to a true prince would need the ideal fitness equipment to build not just the body, but discipline the mind and teach the man the act of perseverance, selflessness and gradually the little changes would occur to be the true Prince you are always destined to be, with American Fitness products like the treadmill, the sculpting machine to unleash the beast mode, the JOAGH fitness wristwatch and right dress gear. Our Beauty and Beast is ready in the Modern era!!!

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  1. Nice. just that reality and Fairy tailes always not in consonance . This days human is driven by so many other factors but love .


    • True… Belle was the difference in loving someone so undeserving, we can also stand out and show what the true meaning of love is even when the world doesn’t see it or act it… T21


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