THE PVC OR VISA… Good morning everyone, with the just concluded election in Ekiti state of Nigeria, there is really a lot to be concerned about. When party agents blatantly go ahead to bribe voters in the open with no shame or moral estacode then you know there […]

Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse

Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse This is one Spiderman animation movie I will cherish for a very long time because what is better than one Spiderman? Two Spidermen, let me stop myself there. Actually, Five Spideys. The fact it was all about Miles Morales also made it all the […]


ARMY REMEMBRANCE DAY The Arm Forces Remembrance Day was celebrated Yesterday but it would not stop me from writing about the gallant men and women that have put their body in the line so that Nigeria can retain its sovereignty. It has been trying times for the Military […]

The “HEAT” is in Town…

DEALING WITH THE HEAT (facts and tips on managing excess heat conditions in Nigeria Today a guest writer would be taking over our sphere for a day. Sit back, relax and enjoy this amazing write up. Few organisms can survive extreme temperature conditions and they are perhaps fictional […]


Lionheart A Nigerian movie shown by Netflix is a big deal. Oh yes when it was announced it would be showing on Netflix I was overjoyed at the achievement a movie made in Nigeria for Nigeria could achieve and it was no coincidence Netflix saw it because I […]


Sterling: The Rising Sun… So, Sterling Bank is in the news again but for a good reason this time, nothing controversial like the BANK WAR we had in 2018. To be honest that publicity sort of stood them in a good stead and riding on that good vibes […]

Nigeria Decides: A Month left

It is a month left to Election year in Nigeria and everyone is getting set for one election that would go down in history books; either for good or bad it is up to its electorate to vote. Many have given up on Nigeria and you cannot blame […]


BIRD BOX… I had so much hope for this movie, considering it was a Netflix movie and the hype around the movie was pulsating to say the least. So, I looked forward to watching it, the fact Sandra Bullocks was also playing a role just made it even […]


 2019 APPRECIATION NOTE… I want to appreciate everyone that has took out time to read my blog in 2018, those that have commented and liked different posts. You all are amazing! You have encouraged me and kept me going even when work has made me doubt my commitment […]